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Picture: Hashim Amla does not wear a Castle Logo
Hashim Amla does not wear a Castle Logo


Hashim Amla does not wear a Castle logo (A beer company) on his cricket shirt. He did not pocket a cent from his match fee beacuse of that. Amla said, “Promoting beer & liquor is against the teachings of Islam.” and so he became the first player to be the exception. Later Hashim Amla was granted permission by South African Breweries and Cricket South Africa not to wear the Castle logos on his clothing.


Hashim Amla is a South African cricket player of Indian origin (his grandparents migrated to South Africa from Gujarat). Being a devout follower of Islam religion, which does not support alcohol consumption or promotion, Hashim Amla successfully requested on his Test debut that alcohol-promoting logos of Castle Company not be shown on his merchandise and playing gear. Since then Amla does not wear South African cricket sponsor Castle Lager’s logo on his playing shirt like most of other players do. Cricket South Africa and South African Breweries exempted him from wearing the castle logo on his clothing.

There are also unsubstantiated claims that Hashim Amla gives 50% of his match fee as penalty because of not sticking the castle lager tag on his Jersey. Cricket South Africa has been denying this from long time. To such questions raised, in 2009, Hashim Amla’s agent, Ismail Kajee said that at the outset, Hashim Amla also took the decision that the money earned from the Tests, sponsored by Castle, were forbidden for his use. The agent even said that the money earned that way is dispensed as soon as it comes in. When interviewed, Hashim Amla justified his action of not wearing castle logo in the name of religion. He said Islam is against promoting alcohol, and therefore he will not wear any kind of logos promoting the same.

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