PM Modi Mother Heeraben Garba Dance, Diwali Video: Fact Check



P.M. Narendra Modi Mother, Heeraben Garba Dance at the Age of 97

Other Versions

1. PM Modi’s mother dances to celebrate Diwali

2. Indian PM Modi की मां Hiraben ने Diwali पर किया Dance,

Fact Check:

A fascinating video viral online purports to show Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi mother Heeraben doing Garba Dance at her Home during Diwali celebrations. Accompanying messages claim the 97-year-old woman is dancing in full spirit and it is inspiring. The video of old woman dancing well is real, but she’s not Modi’s mother Heeraben.

Not Modi Mother Doing Garba Dance

The video of old woman dancing well in spirit spread on social media and video sharing platforms since at least October 2017. Because the old woman is described as Modi’s mother, the video became very popular since then and keeps appearing again. Back in October 2017, retired IPS officer Kiran Bedi shared the video on Twitter thinking she’s Heeraben Modi. She in fact praised the old woman for her dance as spirit of Deepavali (Diwali) at tender age of 97.

Although the old woman looks quite similar to Modi’s mother, the shape of her forehead and nose do not match to Heeraben Modi. If the old woman was Heeraben Modi, being a celebrity mother, the incident could have easily appeared in media outlets. However, there are no such credible media reports.

So, the old woman in video is not Modi mother doing garba dance during diwali. Few days after her Twitter post, even Kiran Bedi clarified about the mistaken identity.

Hoax or Fact:


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