Mysterious Love Prophecy of PK, From Slumdog to Millionaire: Fact Check

Image about Mysterious Love Prophecy of PK, From Slumdog to Millionaire
Mysterious Love Prophecy of PK, From Slumdog to Millionaire


Mysterious Love Prophecy of PK – From Slumdog to Millionaire

In the remote jungles of India, PK was born into extreme poverty and discrimination. His family was from the lowest class in Indian society called the “untouchables”, who were despised, mistreated and forced into jobs that nobody else wanted. Young PK was shunned, bullied and had rocks thrown at him. Like most untouchables, PK had little hope of escaping his dire fate…until one day…

A local woman foretold PK’s future with a mysterious prophecy that his wife would be from a faraway land..that she would be born under the zodiac sign of a Tauraus..that she would play the flute..and that she would own a forest. But it was her final words that caught PK off guard: “Follow her footsteps..”

Driven to find this mysterious woman, he left his village and moved to Delhi. Broke and alone, PK slept in bus stations and telephone booths. To survive, he painted portraits on the street, comforted only by the prophecy. Painting, PK always kept one eye on the crowd, hoping to see the mystery woman. And then one day, December 17, 1975 PK saw a strange woman in the crowded street. Charlotte was tall and blonde and as she approached, PK saw she had the bluest of eyes. His heart raced..

I felt as though I didn’t have any weight. Words are not accurate enough to express such a feeling.” In a gentle voice, Charlotte asked him if he could paint her portrait. PK agreed, but he was so nervous that his paintbrush shook. So he asked her to come back tomorrow. All night, PK couldn’t stop thinking: “It couldn’t be her, could it?” Charlotte returned the next day to have her portrait painted. As she sat, PK found the courage to ask her the questions..the questions he had been thinking about for decades.

“Are you from a faraway land?” PK asked
“Yes, I am visiting from Sweden,” Charlotte replied.
“What astrological sign were you born under?”, he asked.
“I am a Tauraus,” she replied and laughed, for she was curious now too.
PK tried to focus on the painting, but his hands shook and his heart raced once more.
“Do you play the flute?” Surely, there was no way that..
“Yes, I play the flute and the piano.” answered Charlotte with a smile.
PK was stunned..and then discouraged, because the last question was the strangest of all..
“By any chance, Charlotte, do you own a forest?”

He saw a spark light in her eyes, and then she said: “Yes..yes, I do own a forest.”
PK sat down, shocked. “But how could that be?”
Charlotte owned land on which there was, indeed, a large forest. PK summoned the courage and gently took her hand.
This is decided in the heavens,” PK said in broken English. “We were destined to meet.”

Despite their different backgrounds, their love was instant and overwhelming. They spent every moment together for a full month until Charlotte had to go home to Sweden. PK had to follow her footsteps, like the prophecy said, but he was too poor to travel by plane. He sold the few things he owned, including his paints and brushes, and bought a used bicycle. He left Delhi with $80 and a destiny to fulfill, once and for all. It was time to follow her footsteps.

PK began the 5,000 mile journey from India to Sweden on his bicycle. He met amazing people along the way. Some gave him a ride in their truck when he was tired. Some gave him food in exchange for his sketches. He biked through Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Yugoslavia, Austria, Germany and Denmark. He slept under the stars, dreaming of Charlotte. Finally, after four exhausting months – sore, tired, yearning for Charlotte..PK biked off the ferry into her home country of Sweden and fell into Charlotte’s arms, exhausted and overjoyed. Charlotte and PK married. They went on to have 2 beautiful children and are still married to this day.

When you park your ego outside, on the inside of the house there is only openness“. Their story reminds us that love has no borders and can conquer every obstacle. “The world and the humanity can only survive through love.”

Love Never Tires.

Fact Check:

The message doing rounds on social media claims to present the Mysterious Love Prophecy of PK, describing an amazing journey from Slumdog to becoming a Millionaire. It seems to explain how a poor Indian boy born in discrimination class followed his birth prophecy and went on to marry a beautiful Swedish woman and settle there. The love and marriage journey of Pradyumna Kumar Mahanandia (PK) is like a fairy tale coming true. Nonetheless, the claim in entirety is partially hoax and is explained here in detail.

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Prashanth Damarla