Mysterious Love Prophecy of PK, From Slumdog to Millionaire: Fact Check


About PK Pradyumna Kumar Mahanandia

Pradyumna Kumar Mahanandia was a poor boy born in 1949 in an “untouchable” Dalit caste family in Athmallik, the tribal jungles of Orissa, India. As a young boy, PK faced severe discrimination in his village. He was forced to sit outside the schoolroom and the moment he went near temple, people would throw stones at him.

Image of PK Mahanandia and Russian astronaut Valentina Tereshkova
PK Mahanandia and Russian astronaut Valentina Tereshkova

On the positive side,  Orissa Government granted a scholarship to PK Mahanandia to attend the College of Art in Delhi (started by the British). Consequently, PK became a talented painter and a good street artist. He became famous painting pictures of famous politicians and celebrities like Russian astronaut Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space. As an artist, PK was granted permission to paint portraits in Delhi’s Connaught Place, which is where he met the fairy woman mentioned in his prophecy.

Mysterious Love Prophecy of PK Mahanandia

In an interview to CNN, PK Mahanandia explained one of his childhood experiences in school. One day he was allowed to sit at the back of the classroom, when a British school inspector and his wife visited. After royal welcome, the inspector’s wife went on to give her garland of flowers to Mahanandia walking all the way back in class. She also complimented him saying he had lovely curly hair. PK went home elated and crying at the same time, and shared the proud moment with his mother. That is when his mother presented PK the palm leaf horoscope given to him by a village astrologer at his birth. The mysterious love prophecy of PK Mahanandia said he would marry a white woman, from a faraway land. She would also be a Taurus, involved in music and shall own a jungle.

Journey of Love

At the age of 26, PK Mahanandia was a broke art student in Delhi, sometimes sleeping in bus stations and telephone booths. On 17 December 1975, Charlotte Von Schedvin met PK at Connaught Place for painting her portrait. Charlotte was a 20-year-old traveler from Sweden who visited India in a minibus along the famous Hippie Trail, a cultural highway. PK’s brush shook while painting, for Charlotte was a beautiful, blue-eyed young woman. So, he asked her if she could come back again the next day.

Image of PK Mahanandia and Charlotte Von Schedvin
PK Mahanandia and Charlotte Von Schedvin

Charlotte came back next day, and he made three portraits of her. In fact, the mysterious love prophecy of PK struck his mind only after her second visit. He asked her the questions on his mind – and her yes-es shocked him. Charlotte’s ancestors received a portion of Swedish woodland (forest) after helping the King in the 1700s. PK told Charlotte about the prophecy given to him at birth, which also shocked her. In disbelief, she calmed down PK a little bit. Later, she went to his village and met his family. “Yes, this is the woman you’re going to get married to. Follow her footsteps,” said PK’s elder brother with a broad smile, after performing meditative Puja inside home. Besides, PK and Charlotte received the tribal blessings.

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