21st Century Shravan Kumar Carrying Mother on Shoulders: Fact Check

Picture about Shravan Kumar of 21st Century
Shravan Kumar of 21st Century


23 year old balwinder singh is a 21st Century Shravan Kumar. From more than 2 years he is carrying his mom on his bacK In ( Kawar ), So that her blind mom can do the Char dhaam yatra.
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Facts Analysis:

The man shown in the picture is Kailash Giri Brahamchari, not Balwinder Singh as mentioned in the story. Aged over 36, he is indeed carrying his blind mother, Kirti Devi who is 80+. From a Madhya Pradesh village called Wargi, he is indeed carrying his mother on shoulders for pilgrimage across India.

Image of Shravan Kumar carrying his aged parents on shoulders for pilgrimage
Shravan Kumar carrying his aged parents on shoulders for pilgrimage

About Kailash Giri Brahamchari

When I was about eight years old, I fell from the treetop and suffered fracture. Expensive treatment was not possible because of financial difficulties. It was then my mother prayed for my recovery. She vowed to undertake a journey to some of the religious places, if I was cured. Her prayer bore the fruit and I recovered quickly and that too without any medicine. She could not perform the thanksgiving trip for one reason or the other. But when I turned 24, I started taking my mother to the religious places,” Kailash is reported to have quoted.

Kailash lost his father and elder brother while he was young, and he decided to take his blind mother on ‘char dhaam’ yatra (holy journey) on his own physical efforts instead of asking money from others. While his mother sits in one of the baskets, Kailash keeps all his clothes, utensils and other heavy day-to-day items in the other basket as counter balance. He claims he’s been travelling like this for more than 15 years, not just 2 years as mentioned in message.

Image of Kailash Giri Brahamchari carrying his blind mother Kirti Devi on shoulders for pilgrimage across India
Kailash Giri Brahamchari carrying his blind mother Kirti Devi on shoulders for pilgrimage across India

Everyday Journey of ’21st Century Shravan Kumar’

Every day the ’21st Century Shravan Kumar’ walks four to five kilometers, carrying his mother and then takes rest at some roadside temple. He cooks food from whatever people offer him in his journey, and serves it to his blind mother first. This way he made his mother visit the holy places of Rameshwar, Jagannath Puri, Tirupathi, Ganga sagar, Basukinath Dham, Tarapith, Badrinath, Kedarnath, Hrishikesh, Haridwar, Kaashi, Ayodhya, Chirtrakut, Allahabad, Narmada, Pushkar, and Gujarat where he was caught on camera by local media. He further said that he needs to complete his journey by visiting Dwarka, Ujjain and then go back to his village Wargi in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. The video below shows a part of his journey.

Even though his mother, Kirti Devi had asked him few times to end this religious journey, Kailash Brahamchari was insistent on completing her `Char Dham’ yatra. His mother accepts his claim of this great journey and says that his son has taken up this task as a penance. Kailash says that his mother’s affection is his greatest strength, and further adds “After seeing my penance, if a few youths start respecting their aged parents and see almighty in them, I will be satisfied.”

This immense love and respect for his mother is a great deed. It earns him good response from the people where ever he goes. Because of this true love for his mother, people often seek his blessings, and as seen in the video above, when he reached Gujarat, he was welcomed and honored by the police. This indeed reminds us of Shravan Kumar of the epic Ramayana! A great tribute to unconditional love of mother.

Hoax or Fact:

Mixture of Hoax and Facts.


A modern day Shravan Kumar
A ‘penance’ to fulfil mother’s wish

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