100 Rupee Coin in India Released by RBI: Fact Check

Picture of 100 Rupee Coin in India
100 Rupee Coin in India


Reserve Bank of India, RBI Released 100 Rupee Coin in India

Fact Check:

There is this talk about hundred rupee coin social media, news and picture of the same was circulating online on various blogs and social networking websites. Yes, it is real – a Commemorative coin – the facts are explained here.

About the 100 Rupee Coin

The new design plan for both 2 INR and 100 INR coins in India was in fact approved few years back. However, clearance from finance ministry and RBI took some time. The hundred rupee coins came in a limited edition at the end of year 2009. The hundred rupee coin in India was in fact a commemorative piece, not available for everyone. The issue took place in memory of Indian politician and Independence activist C. Subramaniam’s birth centenary. Earlier in 2003, Union Government of India released the 100 rupees coin to commemorate 150 years of Indian Railways.

The design of the coin is based on various aspects like Indian politics, economy, taxation, GDP, etc. The video below specifically shows the hundred rupee coin coming in a commemorative package.

Hoax or Fact:

Fact with some missing information.


Indiatimes talks about 100 rupee coin

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Prashanth Damarla