Abandoned Baby Found in Janbhoomi Express – Facts Analysis

Picture of Abandoned Baby Found in Janbhoomi Express
Abandoned Baby Found in Janbhoomi Express


This baby was found abandoned in Udhampur-Ahmedabad Janmabhoomi Express. Please help RPF to trace her guardians by sharing this pic.


This picture shows an RPF woman holding a months baby, claiming that the baby girl is an abandoned one found in Janmabhoomi Express train, and asks to share it to find the details of the baby. The story is a fact. The abandoned 7 months old baby was found in Janmabhoomi Express train in Kankaria railway yard by the cleaners. The Railway Protection Force took good care of the baby and flashed messages across stations to find the details about any missing baby.

The baby was named Pari, and was sent to a near by ashram named Mahipatram Rupram after primary medical examination and producing her before metropolitan magistrate. After two days, on Saturday morning, a Mumbai woman named Saiyed Kaneez Zaira alias Shahida reached Ahmedabad and claimed that the baby Pari is her daughter Rukaiya. She also produced some documents to support her claim. But since she did not have any photo ID of the baby to prove she is Rukaiya, a DNA test was conducted to confirm her claim. However, the DNA test falsified Shahida’s claim stating that she can not be the biological mother of the baby. “The blood samples of Shahida and the baby were submitted to Forensic Science Laboratory, Gandhinagar, last Saturday for a DNA test. We conducted the test twice. None of the 16 genetic markers in Shahida’s DNA profile matches with that of the child. She is not baby Pari’s biological mother. We have sent the report to GRP,” a source told Mirror.

While the baby is still at Mahipatram Rupram ashram, the Railway police are further investigating into the case, checking all the passengers who have traveled in that particular coach of Janmabhoomi Express.

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Abandoned Baby Found in Janbhoomi Express
Shahida claims Pari her daughter
Pari’s DNA Test

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