Baby Bear Hugging Rescue Ranger Post Forest Fire: Fact Check

Image about Baby Bear Hugging Rescue Ranger Post Forest Fire
Baby Bear Hugging Rescue Ranger Post Forest Fire


Baby Bear won’t let go of Hugging Ranger that saved them from forest fire

Other Versions

1. Rescued from the Forest Fire, Baby Bear Won’t Let Go Of His Hero

2. The ranger saved the cub from a forest fire and he can’t stop hugging him

Fact Check:

An adorable video in wide circulation online alleges to show a Baby Bear Hugging a Rescue Ranger Post Forest Fire. Messages accompanying the 15 seconds video claim to show the baby Bear won’t let go of his Hero who saved it from forest fire. Although the video looks heart-warming, the claim as such is not true.

Video Shows Baby Bear Hugging Rescue Ranger?

The story in question reminds us of a similar claim from the past showing photograph of a terrified Panda hugging a Police officer’s leg after Earthquake. The photograph popular online in fact came from a different context.

The video alleging to show the Baby Bear hugging its rescue ranger was viral earlier in 2016 also. Back then it appeared widely on social media platforms and some news outlets also reported about the ‘adorable’ moment. Further, some commented why the man did not pick up or cuddle the cute baby bear hugging around his leg.

The video dates back to at least August 2011 when YouTube channel epicrussia shared it with the description – Cutest bear attack ever. More importantly, it does not show any aftermath of a forest fire incident. The video in fact shows a fog scene.

If it was a fire scene and smoke, the men in the video would not be so chilled. Note, one of the police people in the video is having a cup of some hot drink in relaxed mode. Towards the end of the video, you can also see couple of kids chilling around the scene.

The old video just over a minute long shows the man playing around the adorable bear before picking it up aside. You can see the baby bear playing around the man in foggy weather and also biting him on couple of instances.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla