Dad Jumps into Fire to Save his Kids – Facts Analysis

Picture Suggesting Dad Jumps into Fire to Save his Kids
Dad Jumps into Fire to Save his Kids


Dad jumps into fire to save his kids
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Other Versions

1. In case you didn’t know what a real man looks like-here he is.
This man went into a blazing fire and save his kids! If you don’t like or share nothing in this page
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This man, [pictured] is an hero who jumped into a burning fire in his house last week Monday, when his house was in flames.
The kids in the pic where given to him by his late first wife. After he got married to his second wife, she hated the kids and did lots of harm to them but the man tolerated her cos he loved her.
Two weeks ago, he left the kids at home with his wife and was at his shop for business when he received an urgent call.
He narrated thus, “I was at my shop trying to attend to a customer when my neighbor, Mrs Bola called me to run down home that my house was on fire and she saw my wife hurriedly leaving the building without calling for help. I left everything I was doing and ran down home to save my kids”.
To everyone’s surprise, he jumped into the fire to save his kids and he did it but he collapsed to the ground because of the intense fire that burnt him. His wife is a major suspect due to reports claimed by his neighbor and if it is true that she caused the fire, then it would be a shame.
He is indeed a hero, and he deserves your prayers. Lets pray for him that God will Heal him and grant him a quick recovery from his wounds. He is in deep pains but he has done what many cannot do. I PRAY THAT GOD WILL HEAL HIM AND GRANT HIM A QUICK RECOVERY.


This is a picture message claiming to show a burnt man who supposedly jumped into fire to save his two kids, also shown in the picture. Possibly not!

Origin of Picture

This picture in fact has been circulating with various marketing versions of messages, some with links and some with videos – landing onto unrelated stuff. The picture seems to have originated from a ‘deleted’ user, who uploaded the picture on on 11th June 2013, with a title ‘Black father always there for his kids. ALWAYS‘. Nothing else is mentioned there, not even about a fire accident.

Subsequently, the picture started circulating with various marketing messages – most of these being on Facebook. The version which mentions the ‘Touching Story’ appears to have originated on a Facebook account called GOODTHINZ, which again is deleted. The story of fire accident narrated there does not provide any kind of details about the name of the man or his place of residence.

The Flaws

As far as the picture is concerned, there are many aspects that raise questions about its genuineness. If you have a close look at the picture, you can see that the hair line on the man’s head is not burnt, and if you zoom into the picture, you cannot really see any deep burns on his skin, which suggests that it could be a make-up. See the reddish areas over his chest; it does not really appear like blood. If it was a real fire accident and he is so badly injured, then he would be having bandages. Most of all, there are no news reports of any such fire accident relating to this picture. If the kids were saved from a fire accident, then it is highly improbable that they will look so happy and excited – without any kind of injuries or scars.

Considering all these facts, and the ways in which the picture was utilized for sheer marketing purposes, we believe the story is possibly hoax. The man in picture could have gone through a make-up and worn a burnt shirt, or perhaps he might be a stuntman, who took a snap with kids – just for fun. Using people’s sentiments for marketing purposes is never a fair idea! Facebook users must understand that not everything they see and read online is a fact, and simply liking or sharing something sentimental like this will not be of great help to the people – it can only generate traffic for those Facebook pages/websites.

Hoax or Fact:

Possibly Hoax.

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