Dog Eating Shark in Australia While Snakes Mate, Photograph: Fact Check

Dog Eating Shark in Australia While Snakes Mate, Photograph
Dog Eating Shark in Australia While Snakes Mate, Photograph


Dog eating shark in Australia while snakes mate

Other Versions

1. Dingo eating shark’s carcass while 2 snakes mate

2. A dingo eating a shark while 2 snakes have sex. Just a typical day in Australia mate.

3. Jarring photo shows a different side to Mother Nature than we’ve ever seen before

Fact Check:

An unusual and jarring photograph appears widely online alleging to show a Dog Eating Shark in Australia while two Snakes Mate. Other version of messages accompanying the photograph say it shows a Wild Dingo and two Snakes having sex, calling it a typical day in Australia. Despite the various claims, the photograph is not real – it is a composite of two different pictures.

Not Photograph of Dog Eating Shark as Snakes Mate

The photograph in question appears to show a Dog next to a dead Shark on beach as two Snakes mate on a road just beside them. Some viewers also suggested the ‘unusual incident’ shows Australia summed up in one picture. The ‘critic’ view aside, the incident depicted in the photograph is not even real.

The first photograph dates back to at least August 2012 and in fact shows a Wild Dingo eating a Shark on a beach of Australia. However, the other (below) photograph of Snakes is inserted into the shot cleverly. It shows a rare photograph of two Copperhead Snakes in Australia, when they were either fighting or mating. The snakes’ picture appears to have been taken in February 2012.

To conclude, both the photographs of Dingo eating a dead Shark and two Snakes fighting/mating are from Australia, but come from different places and time period. So, the bizarre story claiming to show a dog/dingo eating shark in Australia as two snakes mate is a hoax. In January 2019, the composite picture appeared on – in a post of Photoshop battles. It carried the description – Dog eating shark in Australia while snakes do whatever snakes do.

Hoax or Fact:


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