Florida Woman Jasmine Tridevil Has Three Breasts: Facts

Picture about Florida Woman Jasmine Tridevil Has Three Breasts
Florida Woman Jasmine Tridevil Has Three Breasts


Florida woman Jasmine Tridevil has three breasts.

Picture about Florida Woman Jasmine Tridevil Has Three Breasts
Florida Woman Jasmine Tridevil Has Three Breasts


The story that went viral online is about a Florida woman Jasmine Tridevil who claimed she has three breasts after a plastic surgery to add an additional breast in the middle of her chest. Let us analyze her claim in detail and if it is hoax or fact.

Story of Jasmine Tridevil

Jasmine Tridevil (not her real name) is a twenty one year old Tampa girl who claimed to have paid $20,000 to surgically add a third breast in a desperate bid to become a reality TV star and make herself unattractive to men, as she did not want to date anymore. After being rejected by 50 doctors who feared violating ethical codes, Jasmine Tridevil said it took her two years to find a surgeon to perform the unusual operation on the condition that she would keep their name a secret. She said that the medic took tissue from her abdomen area and used it to implant the third breast – like in case of a normal breast enhancement procedure.

Picture about Florida Woman Jasmine Tridevil Has Three Breasts
Florida Woman Jasmine Tridevil Has Three Breasts

Became Popular

With the above claims, to convince that her surgery was real, Jasmine Tridevil started sharing her pictures and videos on social networking sites like Facebook (her actual page bearing the name Jasmine Tridevil taken down by Facebook), Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. She also hired a camera crew to follow her around Tampa and Florida, documenting the ‘struggles’ she faces as a three-breasted woman. Later, she told that her whole dream was to get her self-produced reality show titled Jasmine’s Jugs to MTV.


The surgical procedure stated by Jasmine Tridevil is certainly possible, but as per medical code of ethics, surgeons are barred from performing any operations that could be harmful to ‘human dignity’.

It should be noted that Jasmine Tridevil, who was disowned by her mother after her ‘disclosure’, has been taking her photographs all by herself; there are no third-party photos or videos confirming her third breast can be real.

3 Breast Prosthesis Recovered

A document obtained by TMZ (tmz.com) from the Tampa International Airport Police Dept. described a baggage theft by someone off an American Airlines conveyor belt, which also contained “A 3 breast prosthesis”. The bag belonged to Tridevil and she told cops the prosthesis was valued at $5K. From the property receipt document, it can be learnt that Jasmine Tridevil’s real name is Alisha Hessler.

More Evidence

The domain information of Jasmine Tridevil’s website JasmineTridevil.com reveals the admin (real) name Alisha Hessler. Using all this evidence, news reports suggested that Jasmine Tridevil is in fact Alisha Hessler, a licensed Florida massage therapist. Information about her business Alisha’s Golden Touch lists that she is a ‘provider of internet hoaxes since 2014’ and a ‘specialist in massage for three breasted women’.

Screenshot of Alisha's Golden Touch Work Profile
Screenshot of Alisha’s Golden Touch Work Profile

Jasmine Tridevil, i.e. Alisha Hessler seems to be linked with fraudulent activities as well. She was taken into custody in Hillsborough County, Florida in March 2013, and charged with ‘fraudulent use of personal information’. In late September 2014, a teen claimed the ‘three-breasted woman’ Jasmine Tridevil held him as caged sex slave and tortured him.

To Conclude

Jasmine Tridevil, her real name Alisha Hessler, a massage therapist who proclaimed herself as a three-breasted woman after a plastic surgery, appears to have used three-breast prosthesis, perhaps to fulfill her dream of becoming a reality TV star. Reacting to her claims, the president-elected of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Scot Glasberg blasted the stunt as ‘worse than unethical’ and ‘harmful to society’.

Hoax or Fact:

Possibly Hoax.


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