Giant Snake Swallows a Woman in South Africa – Facts Analysis

Picture about Giant Snake Swallows a Woman in South Africa
Giant Snake Swallows a Woman in South Africa


Linda Laina Nyatoro, a South African reporter (See Photo June 12, 2013) witnessed the incident and sent this picture. The giant snake swallowed a woman two days ago, near Durban North, South Africa.

Other Versions

1. A gigantic snake of about 40ft in height swallowed a woman in Durban, South Africa. An eyewitness Linda Laina Nyatoro said the snake swallowed the woman and was unable to move. The snake was being trapped by people around and police was invited to take charge.

2. A drunken forest guard in India was eaten by a anaconda sized python near attapadi forest in Kerala district, south India.The event happened when the forest guard was asleep.


Picture messages claim to show a giant python snake to have swallowed a woman in South Africa. Although the picture appears to be genuine, there are no credible news reports to prove the authenticity of these claims.

This picture of python snake shown in the messages has been circulating since 2012 at least, and is associated with many other false claims, like the python swallowed a drunken man who was sleeping on the street, and it ate a man in Jakarta during floods. Then there is another story which said:

UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! A large snake which showed great signs of discomfort and near death sign was picked up in a game reserve and been transported to a lab. An expert sat with the snake behind the van, on arrival this is what was seen!!!!!

If any of these incidents really happened, it would have easily made into headlines, but none of these claims are confirmed by any credible news reports. A 3.5 meter long python was indeed captured by officers and citizens in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta, but no victims or casualties were reported in that incident. So the claims saying a woman in South Africa has been swallowed by the python shown in the picture appear to be fabricated stories, and therefore a hoax.

Large pythons can indeed attack humans sometimes, but swallowing an adult human happens very rarely. One such case is reported in All Voices here (Warning: Graphic pictures inside article). The exact origin of this python picture in question is unclear. And then there are many cases of such Pythons swallowing Deers and other animals. See pictures in related story in reference section below.

Hoax or Fact:



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