Lorry Loads Giant Watermelon, Video: Fact Check

Image from Lorry Loads Giant Watermelon, Video
Lorry Loads Giant Watermelon, Video


Lorry Loads Giant Watermelon – Watermelon World’s Largest

Other Versions

1. One Watermelon One Truck

2. World Biggest Watermelon

Fact Check:

The video popularly shared online suggests to show a Lorry Loads Giant Watermelon. The One Watermelon in One Truck is extraordinarily huge and is allegedly the World’s Biggest Watermelon. No, the claims are not true – the video does not show a real watermelon.

Origin of Video: Lorry Loads Giant Watermelon

Because the huge watermelon on truck looks quite real, many viewers thought it could actually be World’s Biggest Watermelon. However, we tried to find out the origin of the video. The video was uploaded to newsflare website newsflare.com in ‘other’ category by a user called ChinaRecorder. The uploader says the video comes from China captured on 11th August 2016. He gives below description with no more details:

Shocking video of a lorry loading a giant watermelon has emerged from China.

In the footage, captured in Weifang, Shandong Province last Thursday, an oversized watermelon occupies all the space on the lorry hopper.

As a matter of fact, newsflare is a platform that allows users to shoot a video story, tell the world and get paid. On 28th August 2016, The Telegraph website telegraph.co.uk reported about the video of monster watermelon spotted on back of lorry. The video appeared elsewhere on social media sites as well and became popular.

Flaws in Claim

Firstly, there are no credible reports about the monster watermelon on truck. As of this writing, the heaviest watermelon, according to Guinness World Records weighs 159 kg – which is in no way comparable to that size.

Image of Heaviest Watermelon: Guinness World Record
Heaviest Watermelon: Guinness World Record

In the copy of original video below, you can see the appearance of a fluttering face-like feature (talking) in the middle of watermelon between the two ropes.

Image of Face-like talking appearance in the middle of 'Watermelon'
Face-like talking appearance in the middle of ‘Watermelon’

The aforementioned Telegraph article questioned viewers if it is a mutant watermelon, a genetically modified courgette, or just a huge prank by a farmer with a great sense of humor. NTD Television website ntd.tv also suggested the crazy clip could be part of a prank compilation. So clearly, the watermelon is not real – making the claim Lorry loads Giant Watermelon a hoax.

It is possible what you see on the truck is a large watermelon sculpture or an inflated one used for some kind of display. Because we see signs of video editing with respect to the facial talking feature in the middle, it is also possible the watermelon on truck is photoshopped.

Hoax or Fact:


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