Lowe’s Selling American Flag Doormats – Facts Analysis

Picture about Lowe's Selling American Flag Doormats
Lowe's Selling American Flag Doormats


Lowe’s is now selling American Flag doormats

To all Concerned,

Lowe’s is now selling American Flag doormats. As Memorial day and 4th of July is approaching, many stores are trying to increase their profits. Needless to say, the selling of American Flag doormats has many Veterans upset.

Veterans feel that they fought for the American Flag, many losing their lives, and many permanently injured for the freedoms that the American Flag represents, yet Lowe’s is now selling the American Flag as a doormat, “something to be walked on, and something to wipe your feet on”, as one veteran put it. “Are they slapping our faces or what”, asked another veteran. The V.F.W, the American Legion, and several other organizations were immediately contacted. A veteran with 33 years in the U.S. Navy, had gone to Lowe’s to buy $300.00 worth of lumber to build a fence, but when he saw the American Flag doormat, he flipped out, made Lowe’s take back the lumber and refund his money. Several others walked out of the store. At the Lowe’s in N. Charleston, SC, the manager took all the doormats off of display because of complaints and called Lowe’s headquarters to report the consumer’s and veterans complaints. Those who grew up respecting the American Flag, and those who fought to defend it, would never let the American Flag touch the ground, much less use it as a doormat, to walk on or wipe your feet on it!

Most likely these doormats are made in China, but they are distributed by:

Mohawk Home
3032 Sugar Valley Rd., NW
Sugar Valley, Georgia 30746

Please pass this on to as many people you can. Some of us still respect and love America and our Flag, and what it represents. God Bless America & DO NOT walk or wipe your feet on the flag!!!!


The message claims that Lowe’s, the home improvement chain has come up with doormats with American flag – that it is disrespectful to the national flag, and many organizations have denied to buy them. The message also suggests that the American flag doormats are most likely made in China and distributed by Mohawk Home in Georgia. It is a fact that such an incident did happen, but the design on the doormat did not exactly resemble the American flag.

The incident mentioned in the story happened in May 2012 in the city of Lake St. Louis, and the veteran was John F. Kelly. He was surprised to see a doormat design ‘resembling’ American flag, that was sold in a Lowe’s hardware store. John complained to the store manager and wanted the Lowe’s to stop selling the doormats with American flag on them. In the reference section below, you can watch a video news report about this incident, which also shows the veteran. It is a fact that some Lowe’s home improvement stores had been selling doormats featuring colors of red, white and blue, with designs resembling the American flag.

Lowe’s denied the claim saying they are not selling American flag doormats as such, but had only used patriotic colors. These controversial doormats were soon pulled off by Lowe’s and also other sellers like Big Lots. Also, they were not made in China, but US itself. In May 2013, to a related query posted on their Facebook page, Lowe’s Home Improvement replied:

“Lowe’s does not offer American flag doormats. This is an internet rumor that began circulating by email in 2012, and it is untrue. There were no incidents like those described in the circulated email…”

Picture of American Flag
American Flag
Picture of Doormat in American Flag Design
Doormat in American Flag Design

Designing doormats based on countries flags is not new, in fact there are even sellers who manufacture and sell doormats that exactly replicate the American and other national flags as well. The pictures above show the actual American flag, followed by a doormat in same design.

Hoax or Fact:

Mixture of hoax and facts.


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