Man in India Marries Dog – Facts Analysis

Picture of Man in India Marries Dog
Man in India Marries Dog


An image was circulating in news and social media, showing a man from India who marries a dog to get rid of his curse. The message claims that the man named Selva Kumar married a female stray dog following definite hindu rituals.



Selva kumar is the Indian man who had stoned and killed two dogs he found engaged in mating. Since then his personal suffering started. He met an astrologer who advised him to marry a dog to get rid of the curse. The marriage took place according to the rituals, where the dog was bathed and draped in a ceremonial orange saree. Fox News reported this incident, also, you can watch this ‘man marries dog’ video ceremony on right.

Such superstitions do prevail in rural India, where people follow many baseless beliefs and seek to unfair means of living. Also to be noted is the fact that any animal cannot be killed ruthlessly, like he did.

Hoax or Fact:



FoxNews Reports

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Prashanth Damarla