Man Slept Next to Dead Wife for 5 Years: Facts

Picture of Man Slept Next to Dead Wife for 5 Years
Man Slept Next to Dead Wife for 5 Years


Man slept next to dead wife for 5 years

For the past five years, Le Van from Vietnam has slept next to his wife…his dead wife. After she died in 2003, he missed her so much, he would sleep on her grave site. A year later, he dug a tunnel next to the grave so he could sleep beside her. His neighbors became concerned and called the police. In a desperate act, Van dug up his wife’s corpse and brought it home. This is when he molded it with clay so he could sleep next to her.

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A Vietnamese Man Slept Next To Dead Wife for 5 Years.

Picture of Man Slept Next to Dead Wife for 5 Years
Man Slept Next to Dead Wife for 5 Years


This weird story comes with a picture claiming to show a Vietnam man Le Van who supposedly slept with his dead wife — for 5 years. Not five years; the man, in fact, has been sleeping with his dead wife for more than 10 years! Let us get into the details of this interesting story.

Picture of Man Slept Next to Dead Wife for 5 Years
Man Slept Next to Dead Wife for 5 Years

In Ripleys

In 2009, the aforementioned story of Le Van entitled ‘Man Slept Next to Dead Wife for 5 Years‘ was mentioned in Ripley’s Blog. Back then, the news that Le Van slept with the remains of his dead wife for years stirred the local and international media. Following this, the local administration requested Le Van to bury his wife again, but he denied.

Picture of Man Slept Next to Dead Wife for 5 Years
Man Slept Next to Dead Wife for 5 Years

In 2013, after learning that the strange man Le Van and his son have slept with the corpse for nearly ten years, the English covered the interesting story again with the title ‘Seeing the man who sleeps with his dead wife for 10 years again‘. They tried to find out the reasons behind this strange behavior.

Picture of Le Van with his Son
Le Van with his Son

The Reasons Behind

Le Van comes from a well off carpenter family in Ha Lam Town, in Thang Binh district of Vietnam. He and his wife, Pham Thi Suong did not love each other but they still got married. This is because their parents were close neighbors who promised to match their children when their kids grow up. After their marriage, Le couple fell in love and lived in happiness. However, because of economic crisis that resulted after Van got involved in illegal lotto, Van had to sell his spacious house to build a smaller one. He also quit the carpentry work and became a rock exploiter, while his wife Pham made incenses.

One year after his wife Pham died in February 2003, Le Van went to the cemetery alone, dug up his wife’s corpse and put the remains in a bag. However, afraid of being detected, he dug a small hole, put her in and filled it. Wondering for several days how to bring back her dead wife home, Le bought plaster, cement, sand and glue, made a statue of his wife in the cemetery and then put her remains into the statue. After two months, he managed to ‘rescue’ his wife successfully and bring her back home.

Picture of Le Van's House
Le Van’s House

The local authorities, residents and relatives were worried about the strange behavior of Le Van and raised concerns of environmental pollution and the social impacts. Nonetheless, Le did not care and insisted that his wife was still alive. Talking about the strange behavior, Mr. Tran Trong Sanh, Chair of the town of Ha Lam said:

“The local authorities asked Van to burry (bury) his wife again and the man agreed. But some time later, local people continued to complain that Van still held the remains in the house. We have done all the way but with the conservative nature and bigotry of Mr. Van, the incident has not been solved yet.”

What’s more interesting is, Le Van also bought cloths to make clothes for the statue, and he changes her clothes twice a day. He even buys cosmetics like lipsticks and face powder to make up the statue holding the remains of his dead wife. In Images above, you can see Le Van sleeping with the statue, also along with his son, and the small house where they live. Le also shows the photo of his wife’s statue in his cell phone. Explaining his weird behavior, Le Van says, “People said I’m crazy because I take care of a corpse but I strongly believe that she is always with me. I’ll definitely sleep with her dead body until I die”.

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