Man Taken by a Killer Whale – Video – Facts Analysis

Picture about Man Taken by a Killer Whale - Video
Man Taken by a Killer Whale - Video


This video was widely circulating through emails and on social media. 

Subject: ……. for a killer whale, Just a walk on the beach.
Be careful when walking the beach…



This is actually a “viral” video that was circulated via Youtube, social networks and email. The video apparently shows a man grabbed and taken by a killer whale while he was walking along a beach. It is not real footage and the man was not at all eaten by the killer whale. In fact, the video is a TV ad promotion for La Sirena, a retail chain in Dominican Republic.

The ad at the end of the video says “No todos los lapices dan suerte solo el lapiz la suerte de La Sirena” which, in English means “Not all pencils give you luck, just the pencil “La Suerte” from la Sirena”.

Therefore, it is clear that the viral video is only a part of the promotional campaign for “Lucky Pencil” created by La Sirena as a back to school promotional campaign. The man on beach is not eaten by the whale.

Hoax or Fact:



Lápiz de la Suerte

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Prashanth Damarla