Megawoosh – Unbelievable Long-distance Waterslide Video – Hoax Analysis

Picture: Megawoosh - Unbelievable Long-distance Waterslide Video
Megawoosh - Unbelievable Long-distance Waterslide Video


Megawoosh – A video clip showing a man shooting down through a waterslide on hill, flying high off a ramp, and then landing in a small bath tub pool at far away distance.

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The Megawoosh video shows a man in a neoprene suit on a DIY (do-it-yourself) waterslide, flying 115 feet high and then landing perfectly safe in a kiddie pool at far away distance. Although the video appears to be unbelievably real, the death defying stunt is not a fact. The video is a hoax – it is a viral ad for Microsoft’s Office suite Project 2007.

Megawoosh Video Claims

This video titled “MEGAWOOSH – Bruno Kammerl jumps” was uploaded to YouTube in Aug 2009, and in less than a week the jawdropping stunt received one million views. The story associated with the video said that a German engineer named Bruno Kammerl wanted to build the longest and most exciting waterslide in the world by using the special type of neoprene material he has developed. For this purpose he tested on small waterslides, created videos and hosted them online in his website, searching for sponsors. Further it was said that an “influential sponsor” came along to help Bruno and made the longest waterslide possible in the German Alps, as shown in the video. However, these are not the actual facts.

Story behind the Video

Bruno Kammerl’s website belonged to the German subsidiary of MRM Worldwide, a leading Digital and Direct Marketing agency. The name and story of Bruno Kammerl was in fact ‘created’ by the ad agency and then the viral video was developed – as a campaign for Microsoft Germany, for promoting their product Microsoft Office suite Project 2007.

How the Video is Made

As it appears, the video is not real and is not shot in a single go. Firstly, a stuntman was used to slide down the waterslide slope, secured by a rope. This shot was added to an animated sequence of a human body flying through the air, followed by another real shot of the stuntman jumping into the kiddie pool at the end. This entire sequence of shots was smartly edited to make it appear like a single shot. The video below shows the first shot of the stuntman sliding down, wherein you can clearly see the attached rope.

Therefore the Megawoosh waterslide video is not real, it is a publicity hoax created for product promotion of Microsoft. Viewers are warned NOT to try anything like this – it can risk your life.

Hoax or Fact:



The Megawoosh waterslide – how it was really done

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Prashanth Damarla