Man Lives Inside an Airplane Turned Home in Forest: Fact Check

Picture: No, This is Not a Plane Crash in the Forest
No, This is Not a Plane Crash in the Forest


Man Lives Inside Boeing 727-200 Airplane in the Middle of a Forest

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Fact Check:

The picture of an Airplane in the middle of a forest gives an impression that it has miraculously landed in the woods of the forest, but when you take a step inside the thing, you will be surprised to see – it’s an awesome home. Yes, the Boeing 727 airplane is the dream home of Oregonian Bruce Campbell, who loves planes, and lives in one.

About the Man who Lives Inside an Airplane in Forest

Bruce Campbell bought an old Boeing 727-200 for $100,000 a few years ago, and moved it to his plot of land in the middle of the Oregon woods, parking it in what can be called as his garden. He turned the aircraft into his large mobile home, where he can live.

Bruce left most of the outside of the plane as it was, and most of the original equipment inside the 1,066 sq ft interior was also left intact. While the entrance to the airplane home is at its back, Bruce made some changes inside. He uses the cockpit of the plane as his reading room and even installed a computer monitor in the middle of the instrument panel. There’s plenty of storage space in the cargo hold and the wings serve as a great deck. He managed to convert the plane into a cozy home, but his most interesting renovation is the transparent floor that you can see in pictures above. The airplane-home of Bruce Campbell is certainly a great place to live in, and to invite new people.

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No, This Is Not A Plane Crash In The Forest. Take A Step Inside This Thing – AWESOME

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