This Petite Japanese Schoolgirl is a 42-Year-Old Man: Fact Check

Image of This Petite Japanese Schoolgirl is a 42-Year-Old Man
This Petite Japanese Schoolgirl is a 42-Year-Old Man


This Petite Japanese Schoolgirl is Actually a 42-Year-Old Married Man

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यह जापानी लड़की, असल में 42 साल का एक आदमी है

Fact Check:

An interesting and quite an unbelievable message doing rounds online alleges to show photographs of a Petite Japanese Schoolgirl, who is actually a 42-Year-Old Married Man. Yes, the claims are true and explained here.

Japanese Schoolgirl in Photographs is 42-Year-Old Man

There are various photographs of the young and petite girl looking like a doll. Very few could even think the Japanese schoolgirl in pictures was in fact a 42 years old married man Takuma Tani.

Born on 17th November 1977, Takuma Tani showed interest in arts at an early age, learning piano and vocal music since he was three years old. He grew up becoming a male vocalist of a rock band in Japan. Takuma Tani decided to adopt the image of a young schoolgirl at the age of 34 and continues the same as of this writing. It started as a business when he had to fill in for a missing female model on stage, wearing a costume for the band program. Called as ‘Daughter of the man’, he became popular as the young and beautiful girl. She (he) was featured in various Television and entertainment shows and also crowned as the champion of Fuji TV’s “Viking” cross-dressing contest. In public, Takuma Tani always appears as the young high school girl. In 2015, he even renewed his driving license dressed as a schoolgirl.

Make Up and Photoshoot

As a matter of fact, there’s use of good make up and Photoshoot techniques to make Takuma Tani look as a young high school girl. However, he also has and maintains a petite body, which helps in portraying the image successfully. If you are still not convinced, below is a video of Takuma Tani singing with his band.

In a 2015 interview in Japanese, Takuma Tani said he does not have any gender-identity disorder, but has lot of female hormones, which also helped him become the girl. In 2016, he posted a photo of himself posing as a schoolgirl and holding a baby, along with the message suggesting – he’s a dad! Back then viewers were in fact shocked to know the young girl is a straight, married man and father of a baby.

Hoax or Fact:


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