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About Photo of a Time Traveling Hipster
Photo of a Time Traveling Hipster


A photo was taken in 1941 of a crowd watching the re-opening of the South Forks Bridge in Gold Bridge, Canada. When a portion of the photo is enlarged, one man sticks out in the crowd. He appears to be wearing modern clothes that critics claim were definitely not the style in the 1940s. The man is wearing sunglasses and what looks like a cardigan or sorts and a t-shirt.

There is a widely spread claim that the person was a ‘time travelling hipster.’

Other Versions

This modern man in the picture taken back in 1940 during a bridge opening in Canada is believed to be a proof of time traveling.


This is a photograph that became popular, with the claims that it shows a proof of Time Travel. The photograph, which was taken in 1940s in Canada, alleged to show a modern man with different kind of clothing and sunglasses, and also has a camera that does not fit in with the other people at that time. This mysterious and unknown man is therefore referred to as a time traveling hipster. But that’s not the fact!

About Photo of a Time Traveling Hipster
Photo of a Time Traveling Hipster

About the Picture

This picture supposedly showing a time traveling hipster was taken in 1940s, during the reopening of the South Fork Bridge in Canada after floods. The picture is also showcased in Canada’s Virtual Museum. So this raised claims that the picture is genuine, and so could be the proof of time travel – showing a modern man in 1940s.

Considering the odd dressing and modern appearance of the man in the picture, many people thought the picture was photoshopped. But this picture claiming to show a time traveling hipster is in fact real, not the claim though. In December 2010, Evgeni Balamutenko, along with his colleague from NTV in Russia located the original photograph with the help of a museum staff member and determined that the photograph was real. You can watch it in the video shown.

About the Hipster’s Dressing

Like it may appear at the first look, the man is not as modern as claimed and associated with time traveling concept. The style of sunglasses the man was wearing was in vogue at that time. As you can see in the image section below, actress Barbara Stanwyck was wearing a similar pair of sunglasses in her 1944 film Double Indemnity. The sweater with an emblem sewn on it was generally worn by sports teams of that period. The camera in the man’s hands is not clear, but Kodak Company did have similar models at that time. You can also see a camera in the hands of the first man standing in front of the vehicle.

Picture of Actress Barbara Stanwyck wearing a Similar Pair of Sunglasses in 1944
Actress Barbara Stanwyck wearing a Similar Pair of Sunglasses in 1944

So it appears like the purported time traveling hipster might just wanted to be casual and different from the other people around him; he is not out of fashion or out of that picture. The picture is genuine and is not a proof a time travel.

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Reopening of the South Fork Bridge after flood in Nov. 1940
Time travel urban legends – Modern man at 1941 bridge opening

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