Polish Pilot Lands Plane Without Wheels: Video

Picture about Polish Pilot Lands Plane Without its Wheels
Polish Pilot Lands Plane Without its Wheels


Polish Pilot Lands Plane Without Wheels – Included inside is plane video

Faced with a flight emergency, a Polish pilot pulled off a remarkable feat of airmanship that saved hundreds of lives and made its way into aviation history. Actual video shot inside the plane’s cabin show passengers in the moments before Capt. Tad Wrona made his incredible landing.


An amazing video circulating online since couple of years claims to show a remarkable feat of a Polish Pilot who Lands Plane Without Wheels Safely on its belly, thereby saving hundreds of lives. Yes, it is real and a fact.


Polish Pilot Lands Plane Without its Wheels

Pilot Lands Plane Without Wheels in Poland

On 1 November 2011, a Boeing 767 airliner carrying 231 people from the U.S. failed to open its landing gear in Warsaw airport of Poland. Because of this, the plane was set to emergency landing — on its belly. The pilot of the plane Captain Tadeusz Wrona lands Plane without Wheels safely with assistance from co-pilot Jerzy Szwartz. Thereby, they prevented any injuries to the passengers inside and saved their lives. On landing, few sparks flew from the engine and small fires erupted under the plane. Thankfully, firefighters put it out immediately.

Picture of The pilot and co-pilot of the plane
The pilot and co-pilot of the plane

As shown in the NBC news report video, the successful landing of the Polish LOT airlines flight saved the lives of 231 passengers it was carrying, and the pilot Tadeusz Wrona and co-pilot Jerzy Szwartz became heroes. LOT said that the plane suffered a central hydraulic system failure, so the landing gear did not function. The pilots discovered the problem before one hour of emergency descending, when were trying to release the landing gear, also to use up the fuel and reduce the risk of a blaze. Lot of people witnessed the incident through Television and internet. That’s how the Polish Pilot lands Plane without Wheels in what can be called as a great, life-saver job!

For your information, belly landings like this are one of the most common types of aircraft accidents, and are normally not fatal if executed carefully.

Hoax or Fact:



Pilot lands plane without its wheels
Flight From U.S. Makes Crash Landing in Poland; No Injuries Reported

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