Rock Mountains Resembling a Romantic Couple, Photograph: Fact Check

Picture about Rock Mountains resemble a Romantic Couple
Rock Mountains resemble a Romantic Couple


This picture was circulating widely on social networking websites, like Facebook and Twitter. It shows two rock mountains in an island close to each other resembling a beautiful, romantic couple.

Fact Check:

This image is simply a rock mountain image in an island. The original source of this picture can be seen in the reference section. However, the original image seems to be deleted. This could possibly be an attempt by the tourism companies to create an attractive image out of it, in the name of couple’s romance, and grab the attention of tourist lovers. Google image search illustrates the same.


The photo shopped version of the real image was first used by Cox and Kings to promote their Romantic Holidays. It was later copied and used by lot of tourism related companies.

So, Rock mountains romantic couple is not a real image, it is a manipulated one with added effects to catch the eye of people and commercialize it.

Hoax or Fact:



Cox and Kings
Original Source on TinEye
Google Image Search

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Prashanth Damarla