Runaway Flaming Tire Nearly Killed a Woman, Video: Fact Check

Image about Runaway Flaming Tire Nearly Killed a Woman, Video
Runaway Flaming Tire Nearly Killed a Woman, Video


Runaway Flaming Tire Nearly Killed a Woman: Shocking video

Other Versions

1. Flaming Tire almost Striking a Woman

2. Flaming Tire Rocketing Past a Car almost Hit a Woman

Fact Check:

A ‘shocking’ video in circulation purports to show a Runaway Flaming Tire Rocketing Past a Car Nearly Killed a Woman. The video viral online since many years is not entirely real and explained here.

Runaway Flaming Tire Almost Killed a Woman?

The short video in question appears to show a massive runaway, flaming tire rolling down a road between a car and a woman shop worker giving goods to the driver. While the person in the car appears to recoil in pain, the worker runs back into the shop in shock and panic.

Old Video Edited Using CGI

The ‘shocking’ video in fact comes from a longer version of an old CCTV footage showing some glimpses before and after the scene in question. The runaway tire is not flaming in the actual CCTV footage. It continues to roll before crashing into the side of a stall and ends up hitting the hood of the car without much damage. On the other hand, it is certainly a near miss accident, avoiding what would have been a brutal collision to shop worker and the person in the car.

On 24th May 2015, Mirror website published an article on the video in Weird News, viral section. It came with title saying ‘Horrifying footage shows moment runaway tire flies past shop front nearly killing unsuspecting woman‘. On 1st June 2015, Right This Minute website reported about the incident saying the ‘Two Women Are Lucky to Escape From a Runaway Tire.’

The woman in car drove up to a convenience store in Thailand and placed an order. The incident took place just as the employee was about to deliver the items and collect the money. Fortunately, the lucky shop worker did not get hit, but the tire just hit the woman in the car, breaking her wrist. Viral Hog posted a sped-up version of the video on 1st June 2015. On a lighter note, some viewers joked the huge tire was high-fiving the driver.

So, coming back to the claim in question, the fire effect on runaway tire was added later and enhanced with Computer Generated Imagery. The flaming tire video was viral in November 2017 also.

Hoax or Fact:

Hoax with some valid information.

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