Tree that Ate a Bicycle: Facts

Picture about Tree that Ate a Bicycle
Tree that Ate a Bicycle


A Boy went to war in 1914, left his bike chained to a tree.

Other Versions

1. A Boy Chained His Bike When He Went to War in 1914

2. A boy left his bike chained to a tree when he went away to war in 1914. He never returned, leaving the tree no choice but to grow around the bike. Incredible that this bike has been there for 98 years now!

Picture about Tree that Ate a Bicycle
Tree that Ate a Bicycle


Pictures circulating online claim to show a Bicycle ‘eaten’ by a Tree after a boy supposedly left it chained when he went to war in 1914. The pictures are genuine, but not the claim.

Many photographs of this bicycle tree have been spreading on the Internet for a while now. The truth of the matter, however, is not related to any boy who left his bike chained to the tree during 1914 war.

In 1954, Helen Puz received the bike as a gift from a member of her community in Vashon Island, Washington. Her 8-year-old son, Don felt like riding the girl’s bike, cramped his style, in the way little boys do, and “lost” the bike. Decades later, Helen Puz learnt from a local newspaper about a bike that had been swallowed up and stuck in the trunk of a tree five feet off the ground. This “tree that ate a bicycle” on Washington’s Vashon Island has been a popular destination for curiosity seekers for years. The video shows a news report of this interesting case. If you like to see the bike in the tree, gives the directions on how to get there.

However, note that, it might be unlikely that the bicycle ended up in the trunk off the ground, as a result of the tree’s natural growth enveloping it. It is possible that one or more people might have had a hand in moving the bike to where it is, after Don lost it in 1954. Also note that the bicycle appears different in various pictures, which is because the photographs are taken at different times over the years.

Hoax or Fact:

Mixture of Hoax and Facts.


Bicycle Swallowed by Tree in Washington State

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