Video of Tiger Walking into Store, Causing Panic: Facts

Picture from Video of Tiger Walking into Store, Causing Panic
Video of Tiger Walking into Store, Causing Panic


Tiger walks into convenience store.

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This unbelievably interesting video is an old one that keeps circulating online with various titles. The video claims to show a real, Bengal Tiger walking into what appears like a convenience store with a Frisbee like thing in its mouth – shocking few people present in the store, and then leaving the store silently, without doing any damage. The authenticity of this video could not be adjudged, as it looked quite real, and then there were no proofs as such to even consider the video as a part of some advertising campaign. Today, let us analyze the video closely.

Unrealistic Video

A close look at what is shown as the surveillance footage of the store reveals certain flaws. The tiger strolls into the store in a cool and comfort mood, carrying Frisbee like thing in its mouth, which is unusual with a wild tiger. The tiger does not intend to cause any harm to few men present inside the store, walks around for a while, and then leaves the store. The store keeper/clerk’s blank reaction after witnessing the tiger is a bit questionable. Moreover, the shadow patterns of the two men coming inside and leaving out when compared to that of the tiger are not same. In the last scene, as the tiger leaves the store, its shadow seems to be illuminated more. Also, the face of the tiger is not visible clearly – it looks strangely dark as it enters the store. If what is claimed was a real incident, where a wild tiger did not harm anyone in the store, such a story would have easily made into news headlines. There is no such credible news report.

Source of the Video

The video claiming to show a Tiger entering a shopping center and creating panic among the few people inside has been shared through many online video sharing platforms – mostly in comedy, entertainment or pets and animals categories. Our search indicates that the video was originally shared in June 2008 on Live Leak and YouTube about the same time. The present footage of the tiger walking into stores was in fact a part of a three series short compilation, shown in the second video. The first footage claims to show a leopard coming out of a subway train and scaring a commuter who tries to get in. The second one shows a man getting scared of a large bird that sits on his car as he was busy withdrawing money from an ATM beside a road.

On Live Leak, the video titled ‘People’s encounters with wild animals in daily life‘ was shared on 15 June 2008, in ‘Arts and Entertainment‘ category and the tags for the video also included “CGI”. On YouTube, the video titled ‘Wild animals caught on surveillance tape‘ was shared on 14 June 2008, in ‘Pets & Animals’ category. Note that the footage of the tiger in store does not have any cam recording details. The ‘about’ information of tigerbalm13, the uploader on YouTube, reveals his subscription to Never Hide Films, which is the official channel for Ray-Ban films that creates viral videos for the same.

Considering the aforementioned flaws in the video, and the ways in which the video was shared online, we believe the footage of tiger walking into a convenience store is perhaps ‘made’ as a prank, or is a part of some advertising/marketing campaign.

Hoax or Fact:

Possibly Hoax.

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Prashanth Damarla