Woman Falls Into Shark Tank, Survives Miraculously

Image about Woman Falls Into Shark Tank, Survives Miraculously
Woman Falls Into Shark Tank, Survives Miraculously


Woman falls into shark tank at Chinese mall during feeding time
Survives Miraculously.

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Woman trips and falls into shark tank in China, Survives Miraculously.

Fact Check:

A dramatic video viral online purports to show that a Woman Falls into Shark Tank during Feeding time but Survives Miraculously. The incident is in fact true, but with some information missing, which is explained below in detail.

How Woman Falls into Shark Tank

The unfortunate (or fortunate) incident in the video happened on 15th October 2018 at the Wuyue Plaza shopping complex in Jiaxing, China. The woman runs along the glass-bottomed footbridge (gangway), trips over suddenly and lands on her stomach on the edge of the opening before sliding into the shark tank. The woman splashed into the water as two sharks circled her for about a minute while she was swimming in shock. Fortunately, her colleagues rushed to the scene soon and two security guards jumped into water and helped pulling her out safely, without any injuries. The shark tank housed several Baby Lemon Sharks, which can grow up to 3.4 meters (around 11 feet). The shopping mall staff told Chinese website The Paper that they opened the fish tank cover to feed the sharks.

The incident took place before the Chinese shopping mall had opened for shopping. According to a spokesperson, the woman staff member was late to a meeting and chose to run along the gangway as a shortcut. As you can see in the video, the shark tank is suspended under a glass-bottomed footbridge, which is one of the main attractions at the mall. The safe survival after woman falls into Shark tank is certainly fortunate, but on the flip side, Lemon Sharks do not represent a large threat to humans. Even the mall staff mentioned the Baby Lemon Sharks housed in the tank are usually harmless.

Hoax or Fact:

Fact with some missing information.


Woman trips and falls into shark tank in China during feeding time
Woman trips and falls into open shark tank at feeding time

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