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Woman Hanged by in-laws for Dowry!


Dear All,

Need your attention Please!!!!!

I am writing with lots of anger and sadness and as a defeated person who is not able to do anything to give fair justice to my lovely Sister Ms. Indu Yadav who were married last year with Mr Sudhir Yadav from Jaipur. Indu were studying in one of the best college of Rajasthan called MNIT and was doing her MSc in Physics.

I am very sad to inform you that on 26th January when all nation were celebrating Republic day Indu’S in-laws has brutally killed her for dowry issue. We have given all possible things to my sister out of our “HASIYAT” but their demand was never ending and finally on 26th January they have killed my lovely sister.

Another Sad part of this issue is that all the Govt bodies like Police, Administration and other concern department have also been set by those inhuman people hence nobody has taken any action against them and all of them are freely moving here and there with lots of smile in their brutal faces. Police asking us stupid questions like, First prove that she was married to them, You are her parent etc..

We are totally helpless and seeking help now through Facebook as this social site have given justice to lot of people around the world. Will you please help me to share this as much as possible so that Govt of Rajasthan will get to know what is happening in the capital of Rajasthan.



This message was first shared by the victim’s brother Skc Yadav on Facebook, in an attempt to approach all the major media people to get them justice. The incident was also reported in an epaper called patrika. The report explains that Indu yadav, aged 23, an MNIT student in Jaipur was married to Sudhir Yadav 11 months back. The problem began when the in-laws started harassing Indu for dowry. Indu Yadav was seen hanging in her house in Vrindhavan colony on 26th of January.

Abhay Singh, the father of Indu, explains that Sudhir Yadav was a divorcee who left her first wife in the name of dowry, and that he married her daughter Indu carried away by family obligations. Abhay Sinhgh filed a Dowry Murder case against Sudhir Yadav and his parents Juttha Ram and Santosh, along with his sister Pinky. Abhay Singh claims that Indu Yadav called them on 25th Jan saying that her in-laws were demanding a dowry of 2 lacs, and that she will be killed is they did not give that money. The suicide note found near Indu’s dead body says that she is committing suicide because of the dowry harrasment from her in-laws. The case is yet to be solved. Skc Yadav, the brother of Indu is not satisfied with the action taken by the police and law, and he is therefore seeking justice through social media networks.

The story had 119,000 shares till date. That shows how big a problem Dowry is in India. Dowry stands illegal, and any kind of harassment in that regard should not be tolerated, it should be strictly punished by the law. Lets hope that Indu Yadav gets her justice, and these kind of incidents do not repeat.

Hoax or Fact:

Mixture of hoax and facts.


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