Auto Driver Comes Flying and Crashes into Woman, Video: Fact Check

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Viral video: Auto driver comes flying and crashes into woman.

Other Versions

1. Unbelievable! Auto driver comes flying like Anjaneya and crashes into woman.

2. Bengaluru auto driver comes flying like Superman and crashes into woman.

3. అటో డ్రైవర్ రోడ్డు పై ఎలా ఎగిరాడో చూస్తే షాక్ అవుతారు!

Fact Check:

A mysterious and unbelievable video doing rounds on social media purports to show an Auto Driver Comes Flying and Crashes into a Woman walking on pavement. Some other versions accompanying the video mentioned the auto driver came flying like Lord Anjaneya, i.e. Hanuman or even Superman. The incident in the video looked superficial and mysterious, so many viewers thought it is not real and probably a digital creation. The video is real and in fact shows an unfortunate accident recorded on CCTV camera.

Auto Driver Comes Flying & Falls on Woman

Although it does not appear so, the accident in the viral video is a real one that took place at Bengaluru’s TC Palya junction around noon hours of 16th July 2020. As reported on Mumbai Mirror website, a close look at the CCTV footage revealed a wire connecting a red line violation detection camera had snapped and was stuck in the Auto rickshaw’s wheel. As the driver was trying to remove the wire, a two-wheeler passing on the road pulled it and encircled the wire around his waist. Force from the speeding two-wheeler and dangling wire catapulted the driver into air as he flew and landed right on the unsuspecting woman walking on the pavement.

The 42-year-old woman victim in the freak accident, Hotelier Sunita ended up with 52 stitches in her head. She could see the auto driver jumping up in the air, but did not have the time to move away. The auto driver, on the other hand, did not suffer any serious injuries and was under shock for a while sitting at the spot.

The video in fact reminds us of a similar incident in past showing a road accident in China with Cars appearing to levitate. It’s another incident showing dangers posed by wires dangling all around on the streets. So, one should be careful of such wires/cables dangling around on streets.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla