Mystery in China: Accident with Cars Levitating: Fact Check



Mystery of Chinese flying cars, vehicles leap into the air. Chinese vans and cars levitate through air and flip over in the road at a busy junction.

Other Versions

1. ‘Levitating’ cars caught on camera in China.

2. Bizarre accident, Vans and Car Levitate, Fly through air in a busy intersection in China.

Fact Check:

A video that appeared online in late November 2015 gained wide popularity, claiming to show a mysterious road accident in China where couple of Cars and a Van are seen ‘Levitating’ into the air. The claim as such is not a fact.

Picture Showing Mystery in China, Accident with Cars Levitating
Mystery in China, Accident with Cars Levitating
Picture Showing Mystery in China, Accident with Cars Levitating
Mystery in China, Accident with Cars Levitating

The mysterious clipping showing a Van and couple of Cars ‘Levitating’ into the air at a road intersection in China caught the attention of millions of users online. Many viewers thought the video clipping could be Computer-generated imagery (CGI), probably meant to promote any new Chinese video game. While some saw it as a paranormal incident, few rightly thought the vehicles were thrown through air possibly by a cable. It was a bizarre road accident that occurred due to a steel cable coiled up in the rotating cleaner machine of the street sweeper truck seen on the right side in the video (see last picture in Image Gallery). As shown and described in the second video of a Chinese news report of the accident, at the left side of the video, a telephone pole was being installed, to which the steel cable was tied and coiled on the road thinking it would not cause any problem for vehicles moving over it. But unexpectedly, when the street sweeper machine coiled up the cable, tightening it over the road, it resulted in the accident at the junction; because the cable was not seen/expected by the drivers.

Picture of Steel cable coiled up on road
Steel cable coiled up on road

This road mishap, where the cable is not visible to the viewers, appeared to them as if the vehicles are levitating into the air. So the stories showing the road accident in China as a paranormal case of vehicles levitating into the air are just hoaxes.

Hoax or Fact:



This is one of the most bizarre car accident videos we’ve ever seen

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