Premier Padmini Car Runs on Highway Without Driver, Video: Fact Check

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Old Premier Padmini Car Runs on Highway Without Driver

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Driverless Premier Padmini Car spotted on a highway


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Fact Check:

An interesting video in circulation online alleges to show an old Premier Padmini Car Running on Highway Without a Driver. The video shot from another car following it shows an old person sitting calmly on the co-driver seat. The strange incident surprised many viewers on social media. Although the video is real, what is conveyed is not true.

About the Video of Premier Padmini Car Running Without Driver

The cream color old Premier Padmini car is from Tamil Nadu. The number plate on the backside of the car shows the registration number – TN 27 A 4261. Someone took a video of the incident from his car, following the Premier Padmini car. The video appeared later on various social media platforms creating some buzz as to how it is possible. Viewers wondered how the car is running on road without anyone on driver seat, while one elderly person appears sitting calmly on co-driver seat. On the other hand, some viewers commented if there’s any ‘ghost’ driving the car.

As a matter of fact, the incident is nothing strange and not related to any ghost kind of mysterious thing. There are no credible reports calling it a strange or unusual incident. Most certainly, the Premier Padmini Car works similar to the Cars used during learning in driving schools. The car should have dual control pedals under the co-driver’s seat. It is possible; the elderly person on co-driver seat is also controlling the car steering by extending his right hand not visible on video recording from another, distant car.

Not Uncommon

Use of such modified cars is in fact quite common in driving schools. In the video below, an instructor explains how driving a car from passenger side is possible without anyone on the driver seat. Nonetheless, to pull off the stunt in such a good way, the person sitting inside the Padmini car must be a well-trained and skilled instructor.

Hoax or Fact:


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