Video of Building Floating Down River in China: Fact Check

Image from Video of Building Floating Down River in China
Video of Building Floating Down River in China


Shocking Video of Five Storey Building Floating Down River in China

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Fact Check:

An interesting video in circulation online seems to show a Five Storey Building Spotted Floating Down a River in China. The strange video went viral on Chinese social media platforms and others thereafter. The video is real, the details of which are explained in this article.

Image from Video of Building Floating Down River in China

About the Building Floating in China

The short video doing rounds heavily online does indeed show a five storey building floating down a river, crossing an over bridge. While the viral video baffled many viewers, some went on to make jokes and memes out of it. Some shared the video describing it as one of the ‘things that happen in China’. On the other hand, some viewers questioned the authenticity of the video mentioning involvement of computer graphics.

Image from Video of Building Floating Down River in China

The video is real and of course a beautiful sight to watch. But it’s not anything mysterious. The five storey building is in fact a Floating Restaurant in Southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality. What you see in the video is authorities relocating the floating restaurant ‘Impression Jiangjin’. The migration took place due to policies changes on 10th November 2018 down the China’s Yangtze River. A close look at the video shall reveal the floating restaurant with no power was pushed forward by a pair of boats to a new location.

Image of Floating Restaurant building 'Impression Jiangjin' in China
Floating Restaurant building ‘Impression Jiangjin’ in China

According to local reports, the shift took place because the restaurant was causing too much pollution to the river. Chongqing Maritime authorities say the customers would leave garbage on the shore of the river causing serious pollution to surrounding areas and aquatic life.

Hoax or Fact:

Fact with some missing information.


Bizarre floating building in China becomes an internet sensation

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