11 Year old Jamaican Boy Attacked by Ghost – Hoax Analysis

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11 Year old Jamaican Boy Attacked by Ghost


Jamaican Boy Attacked by Ghost Caught On Camera By News Reporter

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1. Ghost attacks an 11 year old kid in Jamaica

2. Ghost Attacks Jamaican Boy In Front Of TV Cameras

3. Duppy attacks Jamaican boy on Camera


This is an old and famous paranormal video that has been circulating, claiming to show the news footage of a 11 year old Jamaican boy being harassed and attacked by a ghost, or a ‘Duppy’ as they call it in Jamaica. However, this ghost attack video incident is a hoax and appears to be staged.

The origin of this story goes back to November 18, 2010 when a local entertainment and news website called ‘The Jamaica Star Online’ has published an article saying that people in Martin Street in Spanish Town, St Catherine, Jamaica have claimed to have seen ghosts throwing stones at a house, and a 11 year old boy is the only person to claim that he could see the ghost and is harassing him by pulling and pushing him around. CVM news, Jamaica was sent to cover the story of the boy being attacked by ghost, and the video footage below shows the same.

The video above is the slow and enhanced version of the original one, that will explain that it is not a real ghost incident. The first incident shows the boy being pulled away towards the wall while he is sitting in a chair talking to his mother with the mike in her hand. But when you look at the position of the boy’s feet at timeline 0:07, you will clearly see that he is resting his feet deep under the chair to make it easy for him to push himself backwards with the help of his legs. You can confirm the same by looking closely after 0:43, you will see his thighs moving just before the chair starts moving.

The second ghost incident shows the boy standing over a wall, and later claims to have been pulled by the ghost as he falls over his mother again. But when you watch the slow version of video at 1:23, you will see that the boy raises his arms exactly when his legs are claimed to have been pulled by the ghost – a way too quick reaction to be true. The boy actually jerks his hands and legs at once, pushes himself away from the wall and loses his balance – his mother ready to catch him again.

This story of ghost attack got further more attention when a pastor comes to the rescue of the boy and is shown to perform some rituals to chase away the ghost. The video below shows the boy being claimed to have been pushed again by the ghost while the pastor supposedly talks to the ghost and agitates the same. But when you watch the video closely at 1:35, you will observe that the boy leans himself forward and does a similar act of being pushed away by a ghost.

There are other loopholes in the video that question its reality, like the video going dark before every ghostly attack on the boy, people start shouting even before the claimed ghost attack in second case, the mother holding the mike, instead of reporter and was always seen to be ready to grab the boy as if she knew it was coming. The way the boy is going in to home to sit in the chair is looking as if he is going to receive some award, there are no signs of fear, and the way he is sitting in the chair is also a relaxing posture, which is unusual for a terrorized boy. Therefore, this video of ghost story is either staged by pastor, or the boy is mentally disturbed case of poltergeist, possibly behaving like that for the sake of attention.

Studies say that poltergeist can be manifested by strong psychokinetic forces which are present in few people, especially the girls before puberty, but in the present case, a boy. Children who are involved in such poltergeist cases have been shown to have gone through lot of physical or sexual abuse in their past. Some of these cases are also attributed to child negligence and inadvertently look for attention.

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