A Haitian Man Declared Dead was Found 18 Years Later, in a Zombie State – Facts

Picture about A Haitian Man Declared Dead was Found 18 Years Later, in a Zombie State
A Haitian Man Declared Dead was Found 18 Years Later, in a Zombie State


Clairvius Narcisse is a Haitian man who was declared dead, but was found alive after 18 years, in a Zombie state! Clairvius claimed that he was alive all these years even while he was being buried alive.


The message refers to a Haitian man Clairvius Narcisse a ‘Zombie’, as he was found alive after 18 years of burying him to death. Yes, it is a fact that such an incident happened, but it wasn’t any case of ‘Zombie’ as such.

About Clairvius Narcisse

Clairvius Narcisse is a Haitian man born around 1922 and became popular as a living Zombie, after returning alive from being buried to death. However, researchers investigated into his story, along with few other people who had similar fate and came to a conclusion that – he was turned into a living zombie by a combination of drugs. This case of Clairvus Narcisse was in fact the first potential verifiable example of transforming a person into a Zombie.

The Story in Detail

The root of this story of dead man walking relates to Sorcery that was prevalent in those times. Investigations showed that Narcisse had broken one of the traditional behavioural codes, which is why he was made into a “zombie”, as a punishment. When questioned about the same, Narcisse told investigators that the sorcerer involved had “taken his soul”. The culprit who initiated his drugging and death-zombification was alleged to be his brother, with whom he had quarreled over land.

Picture of Clairvius Narcisse Pointing to his Name on the Grave
Clairvius Narcisse Pointing to his Name on the Grave

The investigators believed that Clairvius Narcisse was poisoned with a chemical mixture of tetrodotoxin (pufferfish venom) and bufotoxin (toad venom) which induced coma in him that appeared like death to the doctors who tested him. After this apparent death, Clairvius was buried on 2 May 1962, and his body was later recovered from his grave. Investigations said he was later given a paste made from datura to induce hallucinogenic effect and cause memory loss, and was forced by the bokor to work in a sugar plantation, along with others who had similar fate. Two years later, when the master died, and his regular drugging stopped, Clairvius regained his sanity and returned to his family after another 16 years – a total of 18 years, as mentioned in the message. In the documentary video shown below, the story of Clairvius Narcisse is explained in brief. In the picture above, Clairvius Narcisse points to his name on the grave from which he believes he emerged as a zombie slave.

So this most famous documented case of Zombie is a case of drugging, under the name of Sorcery.

Hoax or Fact:

Fact with some misinformation.


Clairvius Narcisse

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