Alien Makes Contact With Human, Video: Fact Check

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Alien Makes Contact With Human, Video


Alien Makes Contact With Human Video

Other Versions

1. Encounter between an extraterrestrial being and a human somewhere on Earth.

2. Leaked Conversation between an Extraterrestrial and a Mysterious Man

Fact Check:

An intriguing video is in circulation on social media alleging to show an Extraterrestrial Alien making Contact with a Human. The short video shows a man talking to a strange alien-like figure in dark and explaining something before they shake hands. With this in mind, some viewers found the video scary thinking it shows a strange alien species coming in contact with humans. Not to worry, the video is not real and in fact a CGI creation.

Not Video of Alien Contact with Human

On 3rd June 2020, Twitter user Rodrigo Giraldo V shared the video expressing surprise and also adding “We have programs that detect if any video is part of a movie, in this case, it is not.” On 11th June, Twitter page Terror y datos curiosos (Terror and curious facts) also shared the video of ‘Alien contact’. The post said the video was shot in 2003 in some rural area of Algeria and was stolen from top secret FBI files.

Soon after the video became popular, a viewer asked Rodrigo Giraldo for source of the video. In response, he said sorry and also added they do not share sources. The user is in fact known for sharing paranormal content on Twitter. Our search found Computer Graphics artist Shaban Havuzsalim shared the video earlier in March 2020 in Facebook page Professional Animators. He also mentioned how he created the Alien Meeting using Adobe After Effects. The person in the video is the artist’s friend and the alien of course is an animated creation, not real.

On the other hand, this reminds us of a similar story from past claiming to show a major UFO and Alien spotted at a local Restaurant in Puerto Rico.

Hoax or Fact:


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