Alien Snapped Walking Across Street at Parque Forest: Fact Check

Picture Suggesting Alien Snapped Walking Across Street at Parque Forest Santiago, Chile
Alien Snapped Walking Across Street at Parque Forest Santiago, Chile


Most amazing proof of Aliens – Real ET Alien snapped walking across Road in broad daylight in Parque Forest.

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Fact Check:

A picture in wide circulation online since many years purports to show an Extraterrestrial Alien creature walking across a street between two Police officers patrolling on Horses. The alleged alien appearance in the not very clear picture at Parque Forest in Santiago, Chile has been under lot of discussion, and as a matter of fact, is not any paranormal entity like explained below.

Origin of Stories: Alien Walking in Parque Forest

On 1st of Feb. 2017 Daily Star website shared the viral photograph with claims that a little greenish ‘Alien Man’ is strolling through a busy park in the Parque Forest, in Santiago, Chile, back in 2004. On the same day Scott C Waring of UFO Sightings Daily website too shared the story saying ‘Tiny Alien Strolls Across Street In National Forest In Chile‘.

As mentioned on website, the alleged non-Human was spotted in one of his photographs taken by Civil Engineer Germán Pereira, who then submitted it to Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU), the director of which being Scott Corrales. Explaining why the photo snap was unclear and blurry, Germán Pereira says the weather was overcast at the time, his digital camera (Kodak DX6490) adjusted to low speed (1/10 seg.), and that he employed the camera’s optical zoom (10x) to capture the horse-mount Patrol officers at about 20 meters distance.

Image Analysis

Andres Duarte, the scientific director of CIFAE Chile did an Image Analysis of the photograph. He submitted it to International UFO Research Community. The report mentions the below findings of expert James Caron; the several difficulties that do not allow for full restoration of the image:

– Due to poor lighting, a weak signal was obtained with excessive motion blur due to the long exposure time (0.1 seg).
– The object of interest is moving and has a different, more sever motion blur than the static objects in the scene.
– The image is compressed, which truncates the information necessary for its restoration

The photograph of alleged Alien in Chile park was indeed taken using a Kodak DX 6490 camera. The report mentions the figure in question ‘could have been pasted on the photo and the resulting borders could have been erased through motion blur’. Note, any amateur photographer knows the overcast weather conditions are not suitable for a nice shot. In that case, the photograph could simply be an absurd hoax likely meant to promote the subject of UFOs and aliens. Remember, a 6-Inch Male Human skeleton Discovered in Chilean Atacama Desert was widely considered to be a Mysterious Alien.

Possible Explanations

Apart from the allegations of a walking alien, there were other hypothesis to the object appearing in the photograph. On the paranormal side, it was said to be a Ghost or Dover Demon. On the other hand, it was thought (not likely) to be a fallen branch of nearby tree created the capricious image of a walking alien. It was also considered to be a small monkey that could have escaped at that time from the zoo or from a private home. There was also the hypothesis of a small child wearing a hat that appears like a misshapen head (of an alien), who’s holding a stick on the ground that appears like an additional leg. Again, experts considered this suggestion quite doubtful.

By far the most likely explanation seems to be coming from a forensic UFO and alien investigator Scott Brando. He stated the alleged alien in the photo is nothing but a dog walking by, turning its head while clicking the picture. You can see the picture illustration above. We think the ‘Dog’ was probably after the Pigeon appearing in center of the photograph. It explains the point suggested in Image Analysis – the object of interest is moving and has a different, more sever motion blur than the static objects in the scene.

The distorted image with possible alteration to photograph made the natural creature look like an alien humanoid walking by. Scott Brando also describes the case as a definite case of Pareidolia. So the claim saying the photograph taken at Chile’s Parque Forest in Santiago shows an Alien with patrolling officers on horses is a hoax for sure.

Hoax or Fact:



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