Angel Priest Visits Missouri Accident Scene – Facts

Picture: Angel Priest Visits Missouri Accident Scene
Angel Priest Visits Missouri Accident Scene


A mystery priest who suddenly appeared at a Mo. accident scene is being called an angel.

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Mysterious priest performs miracle at site of Mercedes crash.

Picture: Angel Priest Visits Missouri Accident Scene
Angel Priest Visits Missouri Accident Scene


This is an interesting story that was reported even by the mainstream media. It talks about a mysterious incident that happened during recovery operations of an accident in Missouri on 4 August 2013. The car accident was critical and it was difficult for the recovery men to take out the 19-year-old victim Katie Lentz from her car. It is reported that this is when she requested someone to pray for her and then came a mysterious old priest who prayed and it changed the life-threatening events for the positive. The priest was regarded as ‘Angel’ because it was reported that he was not seen anywhere after the incident, and was not even seen in any of the photographs taken at the accident spot. That was not the fact.

This critical accident of an old model Benz car happened in early morning hours when it collided with another vehicle on a highway near Center, Missouri. A 26-year-old driver crossed the center lane and hit Katie’s car head-on. The car was crushed badly and Katie Lentz was stuck inside; the emergency workers could not remove her out even after 45 minutes. As Katie’s vital signs were failing, the workers decided to take a life-threatening chance and make the car upright so that Katie could be removed from it. This is when Katie requested someone to pray for her, and then came the voice from the mysterious priest saying “I will.”

Picture of Accident victim Katie Lentz
Accident victim Katie Lentz

The mysterious priest prayed for the victim and then the workers completed their job successfully. Katie was removed from the crushed car and was rushed to the hospital. The fire chief Raymond Reed added to the mystery saying the department took 80 photos of the scene and the priest was not seen in any of them. You can watch the same in the video, as he explains the incident scene, talking about the Angel priest.

This mystery continued for about a week, after which the ‘Angel Priest’ was identified as Rev. Patrick Dowling of the Jefferson City Diocese. Dowling disclosed this in a comment on a story talking about his actions on the National Catholic Register website, but it went unnoticed for several days. Therefore the mysterious priest who prayed for the car crash victim in Missouri is not an Angel as such.

Picture of Rev. Patrick Dowling
Rev. Patrick Dowling
Picture of Rev. Patrick Dowling on an Interview
Rev. Patrick Dowling on an Interview

Katie Lentz suffered 15 broken bones and a lacerated liver and spleen, but she recovered well. She even celebrated her 20th birthday meeting Rev. Patrick Dowling. You can see some related pictures in the image section below.

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‘Angel’ priest visits Missouri accident scene
Mystery solved: ‘Angel Priest’ identified

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