Babu Kalayil Prediction: Major Earth Changes Wipe Out Asia Before 31st December 2017


About Babu Kalayil Prediction

After Babu Kalayil wrote the letter to Prime Minister of India, there was no response. On the other hand, some Indian media outlets laughed at the predictions and dispelled them to be false – as there was no scientific basis to his claims of impending disaster. Available science and technology cannot predict an earthquake accurately. As a matter of fact, not many people believe in predictions based on ESP and sixth sense. Earlier in Sep. 2005 The Hindu website reported that Babu Kalayil through his ESP faculty made “predictions” on the movement of planetary bodies, including the collision between celestial objects, earthquakes, unusual rise in temperature and alike. However, it is worth noting, in Oct. 2005, website also reported Babu Kalayil coming up with a similar prediction of devastating earthquakes and serious repercussions on earth owing to solar disturbances that year before January.

So, considering the facts and flaws mentioned above, the Babu Kalayil’s ‘predictions’ of storms, tsunamis, earthquakes and major earth changes before December 2017 are therefore hoaxes.

Hoax or Fact:


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