Baby Alien Found in Mexico Farm: Facts

Picture Suggesting Baby Alien Found in Mexico Farm
Baby Alien Found in Mexico Farm


‘Baby’ Alien found by farmer in Mexico – DNA tests and scans baffles scientists.

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This bizarre creature is an alien baby and was the cause of a mysterious revenge death.

Picture Suggesting Baby Alien Found in Mexico Farm
Baby Alien Found in Mexico Farm


Pictures, stories and videos (first one in this article) appearing online since many years claim to show a mysterious Baby Alien found alive in a farm in Mexico, caught in a rat trap. The unbelievable story was reported by Mexican TV in 2007, and created lot of international interest and probes into the nature of this mysterious being. However, all this was later found to be an elaborate hoax, it is no alien but simply the corpse of a skinned Squirrel-monkey or Titi as it is also called.

The Story Reported

In later part of 2007, Mario Moreno Lopez, who claims himself as a Mexican farmer in Metepec has reported about this strange creature to have been found live, attached to the farm rat clamps. He said that he was scared to see it, and after 3 attempts, he managed to drown it in water for about two hours to kill it, before handing over the corpse to university scientists for DNA tests and scans.

Picture of Mario Moreno Lopez
Mario Moreno Lopez

There were also stories that the farmer later died in a mysterious way, in a fire accident in a parked car – as if the aliens had taken their revenge. As there were many such UFO and alien stories in the place, there were also beliefs that the baby alien was left behind deliberately by aliens.

How the Baby Alien Corpse became Popular

Mexican UFO expert Jaime Maussan was the first person to break this paranormal story of baby alien who claimed that it was not a hoax. He reported that the farmers also told him about the presence of a second alien at the place which has fled the scene when they approached.

Picture of UFO expert Jaime Maussan
UFO expert Jaime Maussan

This generated lot of international interest in this mysterious creature and many studies were conducted on the corpse of baby alien. There were also videos of a second person named Angel Palacious Nunez authenticating this discovery of a baby alien. He calls himself as the nephew of Mario Moreno and that he is a veterinary assistant. The second video is a Mexican news report of the same. The story became so popular that even History channel reported it, and later showcased the DNA results of the claimed baby alien.

DNA Test Results

After two years of studies, scientists announced their results on this wicked-looking carcass. They said that the creature was unknown, its skeleton had the characteristics of a lizard, its teeth did not have any roots like humans, and that it can stay underwater for a long time. It was also observed that the creature had some joints similar to humans, and its long brain cavity on head suggested it could be an intelligent being. On the whole, the results could not be explained clearly and the creature could not be identified.

The Actual Facts

The actual facts were disclosed with the help of Alcione, a non-profit research organization. Angel Palacious Nunez who talked about the baby alien and claimed himself as a veterinary assistant and nephew of the farmer Mario Moreno Lopez had dubious names, whose real name being Urso Moreno Ruiz, is in fact a Taxidermist. Taxidermy is the art of preparing, stuffing, and mounting the skins of animals for beautiful display.

Picture of Urso Moreno Ruiz, Taxidermist
Urso Moreno Ruiz, Taxidermist
Picture of skinned animals
Skinned animals
Picture of skinned animals
Skinned animals
Picture of skinned animals
Skinned animals
Picture of skinned animals
Skinned animals

Mr. Rafael Gutierrez was the person who sent a message to Alcione, disclosing the real identity of Angel Palacious Nunez. With the help of his picture in his news interview, Rafael identified Urso Moreno Ruíz on a reptile forum – that he is a taxidermist who has also shared many other similar pictures of skinned animals, which you can see in the Image Gallery. Most importantly, Urso himself confessed in one of his forum posts about ‘Manual of taxidermy‘ that the skinless cadaver (claimed to be baby alien) was in fact a Titi monkey that he altered.

“It’s just the corpse of a skinned squirrel-monkey. I took its ears out and involved it with all the hair and fluids of all animals I could find, then I dried it. All samples they take of it will come out as being of different animals.” (Translated)

Screenshot of Manual of taxidermy Forum post of Urso
Manual of taxidermy Forum post of Urso
Screenshot of Manual of taxidermy Forum post
Manual of taxidermy Forum post
Picture of a Titi Monkey
Titi Monkey

Therefore, the strange corpse of the claimed baby alien to have been found in a farm in Metepec, Mexico, is nothing paranormal or extra terrestrial, but simply the corpse of a Squirrel Monkey or Titi, the chemical composition of which was altered by the double identity taxidermist Urso Moreno Ruiz. As you can see in the Image Gallery, some pictures of the creature did not have any ears, while some did show the ears. So the story of baby alien to have been found trapped in a Mexican farm rat trap is an elaborate hoax and fraud!

Hoax or Fact:


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