Busby’s Haunted Dead Man’s Chair Killing People: Fact Check


Revelations Against the Haunted Story of Busby’s Stoop Chair

Historian William Grainge revealed a judicial inquiry into the chimney sweep’s death clarified it as a Suicide. Another Historian Dr Adam Bowett who examined the chair found its spindles were machine-turned, while the 17th Century chairs were made with a pole lathe. So, he concluded the Caistor-style chair was made after 1840, at least 138 years after the alleged death of Busby. Even if the deaths are true, it is important to note the chair was allegedly in a Pub. Accidents are not uncommon in such places after people consume alcohol. The said deaths during World War period are also rational and need not be paranormal.

On the other hand, Thirsk Museum’s curator, Cooper Harding mentioned loss of records for 1702, adding details of Busby’s hanging are not clear. He said there’s no contemporary documentary evidence of Thomas Busby issuing a curse on the chair. More importantly, after the revelations, he mentioned possibility of rational explanations for the other deaths. He also said the landlord Mr. Earnshaw had told the story so many times he had begun to believe it.

To Conclude

So, all the deaths linking with the chair – if real cases – were mere coincidences. Therefore, the haunted stories about the dead man’s chair killing people sitting in it over the decades are hoaxes. While some people call it a great example of a local folk tale, others suggest it’s a fancy story to get visitors into the private museum.

Hoax or Fact:


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