Dead Rising – Empty Graves in Thailand Cemetery, Video: Fact Check

Image about Dead Rising - Empty Graves in Thailand Cemetery, Video
Dead Rising - Empty Graves in Thailand Cemetery, Video


Mysterious Empty Graves in Thailand Cemetery are Scary. No one knows how it happened.
Did the dead rise?
Could this lead to Zombie invasion?

Other Versions

Thailand me ek kabristan ki tamam kabre khul gai
Raato raat sare janaze gayab ho gaye
Allahi behtar jane kya mamla hai

Fact Check:

A mysterious video is circulating heavily online alleging to show a ‘scary’ sight of Empty Graves in a Thailand cemetery. Accompanying messages claim no one knows how the dead bodies are missing from the graves overnight. They also raise concerns whether this is a sign of the dead rising from graves and Zombie invasion. That’s not the case at all. The empty graves are not from Thailand and there’s proper, practical reason to the occurrence.

Not Empty Graves from Thailand

The aforementioned mysterious video and paranormal claims are doing rounds widely on social media. The footage showing large number of open graves with missing dead bodies is indeed mysterious at first sight. Some viewers mentioned the open tombs and missing dead bodies in Thailand are signs of upcoming zombie invasion.

Firstly, like mentioned in the messages, the video is not from Thailand. The cemetery with open tombs and missing dead bodies is in fact from Shurkhurgan village of Konibodom in Tajikistan, a country in Central Asia. Note the native dressing style of one person (in black) visible on couple of instances in the video. Again, the cause behind the incident is not something mysterious or supernatural.

In early June 2019, a flood struck the Shurkhurgan village and damaged the area to a great extent as a river crosses the village. The local cemetery is also destroyed in passage of mudflows during flood. The mass flooding caused decomposition of soil, raising the dead bodies to surface and swept them away. People watching the scene after flood waters receding can be shocked. On the other hand, the mudflows during flood also caused serious damage to land, roads and automobiles in the village of Tajikistan. Facebook page Omedia shared another video from the place describing the incident is a result of destruction due to heavy mudflows during the flood.

So, the video is not from Thailand and the empty graves are not any sign of dead rising or zombie invasion – such claims are just hoaxes. The video simply shows the aftermath of heavy mudflow during floods in a cemetery of Tajikistan.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla