Super Flash Ghost Man Saves Little Girl’s Life, Video: Fact Check



Super Fast Man “The Flash” or a Ghost saves little girl from deadly accident.
A strange incident recorded by a CCTV camera

Other Versions

1. Ghost man captured on CCTV saves little girl’s life

2. Angel saves man from near death

Fact Check:

An interesting video viral online purports to show a super Flash Ghost Man Saves a Little Girl’s Life, rescuing her from a deadly road accident. The strange incident is allegedly recorded on a CCTV camera. So, let us examine the authenticity of the said ghost, angel or flash man in the video.

Video About Flash Ghost Saves Girl

The short CCTV footage appears to have been captured on 18th June 2017. It shows a girl trying to cross a road as two cars approach. She manages to cross the first car, but somehow the second car almost hit her. That’s when a mysterious man, apparently moving at superhuman speed, snatches the little girl just on time and rescues her onto the other side of the road. After the alleged rescue, the mysterious man appears to disappear into the dark of night. As the girl stands safe perplexed, the drivers of the two cars also get down from car and seem to wonder what happened.

While some viewers called the rescuer angel, others called him ghost. Some even went on to say the ghost was of the girl’s father. On the other hand, some viewers called the rescuer is The Flash man. The Flash is a fictional, superhero character appearing in American comic books and TV series. The costumed superhero is a crime-fighter having the power to move at superhuman speeds.

Image of Fictional Superhero character The Flash
Fictional Superhero character The Flash

Not Anything Paranormal

Firstly, despite the popularity of the video, there are no credible reports of the ‘paranormal’ incident. There are no witnesses and the place of the incident is also not mentioned. Years back, a similar video viral online appeared to show a real life teleportation caught on camera in Russia. The video was in fact part of promotion for a new Chinese video game.

The video in question is as old as 2017 and is storming internet space since then. YouTube channel Game for Laugh published it on 2nd August 2017 in Film & Animation category with a title ‘The Flash in real life recorded on CCTV’. Moreover, a close examination of the video reveals the actual truth of it – there is no ghost, angel or flash superhero involved in it.

Image about Super Flash Ghost Man Saves Little Girl's Life, Video

As the girl is ‘rescued’ at super fast speed, notice a vehicle light acceleration in the far background. When you slow down the video and see it in playback speed of 0.25, you can realize the man in fact comes running from the same side, picks up the girl and leaves her on the other side before leaving. The scene in the video is sped up and accelerated, which is why the man is not visible and the incident appears mysterious.

So, the viral claims showing a flash man, ghost or angel saves the girl’s life from road accident are just hoaxes. Considering the unusual behavior of the girl after the second car slows down, the incident is probably staged. Either it is part of a prank, promotion or from a movie.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla