Flying Genie Caught on Camera in the Forest of Java, Indonesia – Facts Analysis

Picture about Flying Genie Caught on Camera in the Forest of Java, Indonesia
Flying Genie Caught on Camera in the Forest of Java, Indonesia


A Flying Genie is Caught on Camera in the Forest of Java, Indonesia.

Other Versions

1. Flying Tree Jinn Ghost Caught on Camera!

2. Pocong, the ghost of Indonesia shown on Lativi.


This is a video that has been doing rounds since many years. It claims to show a recording of a ghost like creature in Indonesian forest called with various names like Genie and Pocong. As the video appeared like a genuine recording of some kind of news channel, many people believed it could be real. More so because such beliefs are quite popular in Indonesia. The footage as shown does not appear to be fact however.

This story about mysterious ghost like creature is shared on the website of The Controversial Files and is reported as a flying Genie caught on a camera in Indonesia. But the video is in fact circulating from many years – with various mentions of ghost. It appears like the video was first aired by an Indonesian Television channel Lativi in early 2007.

About Lativi

Lativi was a national television network in Indonesia in early 2000s that used to entertain people by airing mysterious and other adult programs. The video in question was aired as one of their video sightings, claiming that a real life ‘Pocong’ was captured.

In 2006, Lativi had to face a controversy regarding a 9-year-old boy who died after suffering injuries supposedly related to watching SmackDown on their channel. In the next year, because of poor network management and debt, the ownership of the network shifted to other persons and subsequently became tvOne in February 2008.

About Pocong

Pocong is a ghostly appearance popular in Indonesia. It is believed to be the soul of a dead person trapped in its shroud (kafan), i.e. wrapped up in the white cloth used for funerals. It is interesting to note that sightings of Pocongs often appear in religion-based movies and TV serials of Indonesia. Even a series of movies based on this concept of Pocong were made.

Facts about Video

What seems to be presently shown as a flying Genie was originally reported as the Pocong by Lativi TV network. A closer look at the video hints that the video footage is possibly staged and shown as a ghost sighting. The ghostly creature is probably an idol or a person fully draped with a white cloth, which is then drawn over by a hidden pulley, and later the cloth is pulled over from the top of the tree. We believe that careful editing of the video later made it what appears like a scary Pocong. There are few other aspects that suggest this could be the fact.

We have seen that Lativi has been airing video sightings of other ghosts including Pocongs, and those many videos shared online are either listed in entertainment or comedy categories. Almost all the website platforms sharing this video have been using it as a marketing video to get traffic. Even the current article on The Controversial Files website uploaded the video on Playwire, which is a video publishing platform offering earnings through advertisements.

All these facts conclude to saying that the video of the flying genie, or the pocong caught on camera in Indonesia is possibly hoax. Ghost is one paranormal phenomenon that is often used to scare people and gain from that fear. Few months back, it was reported that Zombie Apocalypse is coming in United States and that dead bodies are rising from graves. Few years back, it was reported that an 11 year old Jamaican boy was attacked by a ghost. Again, those were not facts. Any extraordinary claim like this needs extraordinary evidence to prove it.

Hoax or Fact:

Possibly hoax.


tvOne (Indonesia)

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