Flying Girl Caught on Video in Russian Wood: Fact Check

Picture of Flying Girl Caught on Video in Russian Wood
Flying Girl Caught on Video in Russian Wood


Flying girl in russian wood

i have recort this video while going for a long walk with my dog. i cat´n explain myself what was happened there. i was very surpriset. i didt´n expect to meet anyone, becorse it was in a afield wood.

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Fact Check:

A video in circulation online since many years presents a brief footage in a forest that allegedly shows a Flying Girl (levitating in air) in the Russian woods. While many people believed it to be real, some thought it to be fake, but could not explain why and how. As analyzed below, the video of Russian girl caught on video levitating is a hoax indeed, which is cleverly made.

About the Claim Russian Flying Girl

Back in March 2009 an anonymous YouTube user by name Jevgenij2000 uploaded the video in question saying he recorded the video of flying girl in Russian wood while going for a long walk with his dog. It is suggested that he was surprised to stumble upon the young girl levitating in air above her mother, as a “supernatural” child, and that they run away once they are alerted by the presence of him and his dog.

Flaws in the Video

Firstly, till this date of writing, the YouTube user Jevgenij2000 did not reveal his name, information or photo and there are no other video uploads in his channel. Because of the paranormal claim, the story and the video became very popular since then. They were also mentioned in an April 2012 article on fake news website Weekly World News ( with a supporting view of Schools of Buddha and Tao suggesting some people have such ability to hover and fly.

A close observation at the proceedings in the video will reveal certain flaws that question the authenticity of the incident and the claim. The old woman and the girl do not look at the dog running towards them, or the camera. Moreover, the camera goes out of sight while the flying girl came down before leaving with her mother. The second video shows slower and stabilized version of the footage. You can see the girl was flying balanced in air in just the same way as someone is attached with cables on back and legs, waving her arms and legs in air, out of normal gravitational balance. You can see a proof at one point of time in the video (around 0:48 seconds in the second video). A brief glimpse of support hook that appears at the back of her head, on jacket .


The incident appearing in the video is not real as such and staged. The girl is suspended on wires at the back of her head and perhaps also legs (thigh region); such a sport practice being common in certain parts of Russia. Note the huge trees on the left side of frame, from which the suspension could have taken place. The video thus captured was later edited to obscure the suspension cables/ropes to create an impression of flying girl in woods. Also note, playing the video at slower speed between time frame 0:34-0:35 seconds in the second video, will show you blue and turquoise colored flash spots. It indicates camera cut at the point, as the girl came down, and her mother supports the girl through arms carefully as she is brought down.

Therefore the video showing a flying/levitating girl in Russian wood is not real and hoax. We believe the video is part of some editing project. Perhaps to mimic a Tarzan swing in forest because the name of the dog in the video is Tarzan.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla