Former Area 51 Scientist Confession, Aliens UFOs Exist: Fact Check

Picture about Former Area 51 Scientist Deathbed Confession, Aliens and UFOs Exist
Former Area 51 Scientist Deathbed Confession, Aliens and UFOs Exist


Dying Area 51 Scientist Confession – Aliens and UFOs Exist, Disclosed Details of Experiments.

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Fact Check:

Various stories, pictures and videos doing rounds online since late 2014 come to state the Deathbed Confession of a former Area 51 Scientist Boyd Bushman saying and showing proofs that Aliens and UFOs do exist. So let us analyze whether or not the claims about extraterrestrial beings are facts.

Origin of Story

In August 2014 Boyd Bushman, who called himself a senior scientist from Lockheed Martin gave an interview disclosing some ‘startling’ revelations that the often speculated UFO phenomenon and Alien experiments in infamous Area 51 did take place for real. Boyd Bushman talked about classified alien experiments, UFOs, anti-gravity technologies and the secret space race – showing some photographs as evidence. Boyd Bushman passed away on 7 August 2014 and the claims in his interview were presented as his deathbed confessions. Conspiracy theorists took off with his claims and he also got a lot of press coverage in the weeks that followed, making his claims even more popular.

About Boyd Bushman

According to Metro website, Boyd Bushman was a retired research scientist at Lockheed Martin, with a number of patents to his name – although details of his biography are disputed. In an earlier video, Boyd Bushman approved the famous Hutchison Effect, which was later known to be hoax. John Hutchison claimed of some interesting effects supposedly including metal objects floating to the ceiling, shattering, becoming warm, and fusing with other objects among other manifestations. However, the Hutchison Effect was never verified independently, and John could not even replicate it on demand.

Flaws in Claim

Although Boyd Bushman detailed the extraterrestrial missions carried out in Area 51, the only proof he showed were photographs of UFOs, alien specimens and their space crafts. In the interview that went viral, Boyd Bushman spoke with independent aerospace engineer Mark Q. Patterson, who posted it to YouTube in October 2014. The video was however taken down later on the grounds of copyright infringement from Christopher Gene Mooney.

Some keen observers on have pointed that one of Bushman’s photos allegedly showing a real alien is in very close semblance to scary alien figure Dolls/Toys that were once sold at places like Kmart and Walmart (see Image Gallery). Moreover, at least one of the flying saucer photos Bushman shows as an example of real alien spacecraft can be traced to a piece of sci-fi fantasy art found on the internet. The Area 51 base was founded as a testing site in 1955 when the United States of America was still developing the U2 spy plane. Officials now call the base as the National Classified Test Facility. To point out in the video interview, Boyd Bushman brags saying “My people have been feeding me pictures for 13 years“.

To Conclude

Conspiracy mindset may come up with many extraterrestrial claims, but such extraordinary allegations need extraordinary hard physical evidence. So, considering the aforementioned facts and flaws, the so called deathbed confessions of Boyd Bushman, a former Area 51 scientist, showing proofs of aliens and UFOs existence are most certainly hoaxes. The retired scientist may have probably been a victim of conspiracy theories.

Hoax or Fact:



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