Scary Ghost Car Crash, Supernatural Accidents, Video: Fact Check

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Scary Ghost Car Crash, Supernatural Accidents, Video


Ghost Car Crash: Most Scary Video Showing Unbelievable, Supernatural Accidents

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Fact Check:

A ‘scary’ video is viral online alleging to show a series of Supernatural Car Accidents involving some kind of invisible Ghost. It shows the cars crashing on their own all of a sudden as if they are hitting into something. The video is in fact doing rounds online with various claims showing the bizarre and unexplainable accidents. Nonetheless, the spooky and ghostly claims are not true.

Not Any Car Crash Videos Involving Ghost

The video in question shows a series of car crashes with no apparent reason, all of a sudden. Not 8, there are in fact 11 different car crashes in the video. More importantly, they are not anything related to supernatural accidents. They are in fact normal car crash accidents involving one or more other vehicles. For instance, the three videos below show the original car crash number 3, 6 and 9 in the video.

So, clearly the ‘ghost car crash’ video is edited. Originally, Italian Animation artist Donato Sansone published the short film video on Vimeo in May 2018 with the title – Ghost Crash. He removed the other vehicles in the road accident videos to create an impression of ‘ghost crash’. Note, the artist’s name appears at the end of the video.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla