Ghost Motorbike Without Rider Travelling Along Deserted Motorway: Fact Check

Picture: Ghost Motorbike Without Rider Travelling Along Deserted Motorway
Ghost Motorbike Without Rider Travelling Along Deserted Motorway


Ghost Motorbike: A motorbike without a rider was found travelling along deserted motorway in Malaysia.

Other Versions

1. Ghost rider: Spooky video shows riderless motorbike at night.

2. Phantom bike appears on carriage way in Malaysian city.

Fact Check:

A ‘spooky video’ in circulation online purports to show a Ghost Motorbike without any rider, travelling along a deserted motorway in Malaysia. Although the appearance is indeed scary and some even called it a Phantom bike, the ghost associated claims are not true.

Not  A Ghost Motorbike

Firstly, as you can see in the video, the carriageway on the other side is relatively dark and the appearance of alleged Ghost motorbike is not clear. The person racing on his bike in front of camera seems to stop and check something. Both his behavior and the camera presence on a deserted motorway appear suspicious. If the camera person in fact sighted such a ghost motorbike without any rider, there would certainly be reaction, which is nowhere seen in the footage.

Like some viewers suggested, there’s the possibility that bike rider is hiding on the other side of bike not visible clearly in darkness. In June 2017 a bike was cruising along without any rider in broad day light on a motorway outside Paris. Many shocked viewers of the short video clip mentioned Ghost Motorbike then. However, as reported by The Sun website later, the motorbike was involved in a collision seconds before, and the rider was knocked off. The bike continued to drive along for some time. Stunt motorcyclist Jean-Pierre Goy explained that riderless motorbikes, especially with cruise control, can run for more than 600m distance.

Picture of 'Ghost Motorbike' in Paris
‘Ghost Motorbike’ in Paris

So, in like manner, the bike on deserted carriageway may have met with an accident. If not, the incident was simply staged in the first place.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla