Ghosts Haunt Primary School Students in India, Video: Fact Check

Image about Ghosts Haunt Primary School Students in India, Video
Ghosts Haunt Primary School Students in India, Video


Ghosts Haunt Primary School Students in an Indian village.
Parents and officials scared of the mysterious behavior of children.

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प्राथमिक स्कूल को भूतों ने लिया अपनी चपेट में सभी मां बाप पूरा गांव दहशत में, यह वीडियो डालने का मात्र उद्देश्य यह है जो तथाकथित पढ़े लिखे ये बोलते है कि भूत वगेरा नही होते मानसिक समस्या होती है, आँख खोलकर देख लो और बताओ इतने बच्चों को एक साथ मानसिक समस्या कैसे हो गयी

Fact Check:

Couple of videos are virally shared online alleging to show Ghosts Haunt a group of Primary school students in an Indian village. Likewise, the school students, mostly girls, appear to cry and shout continuously, rolling on the ground. Allegedly, evil ghost influence is the cause of the mysterious behavior of children. Although the incident visible in the video is real, the claims associated are not true.

Ghosts Haunt the School Students?

The incident in video is from mid-June 2019 at Bani Government High School in Kathua district of Jammu and Kashmir. After morning prayers, dozens of children, mostly girls suddenly started crying inconsolably, shouting and rolling on the ground. There’s also another video from the incident showing a group of school students crying around an incense burner. School officials panicked at the mysterious behavior of the children and got them local medical help from Bani hospital. When it did not help, they informed authorities and medical team.

Image about Ghosts Haunt Primary School Students in India, Video

The mysterious behavior of dozens of school children in the mountainous area of Bani certainly caused concern among the parents and authorities. Consequently, some parents in the village thought ghosts haunted the school children. The concerned parents even considered babas to calm down the evil spirits. On the other hand, the team of doctors examined the children and did not find any medical problem. Below is a news report about the incident.

Mass Hysteria?

As doctors did not detect any medical problem with the school students behaving mysteriously, a team of psychologists prescribed them counselling. To avoid mass hysteria, a two-member ‘guidance and counselling’ team was deputed to the school for the benefit of the children. For your information, related incidents of mass hysteria among school children are not unheard of.

Going into details of the incident, on 13th June around 20-25 children started behaving mysteriously and the next day, the number went up to 50. Notably, few days before, 4-5 students afflicted by hysteria had reportedly been indulging in such gestures. Some of the girls also suffered similar attacks a few times at home. An administrative officer, a doctor himself, met the affected students in school and said children can imitate behavioral symptoms of each other. In fact, after medical guidance and counselling, there was nothing wrong in the school and the children are attending their classes as usual. Nonetheless, videos from the incident went viral on WhatsApp and other social media sites with false ghost claims.

Hoax or Fact:



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