Indian Paranormal Investigator Gaurav Tiwari Ghostly Death: Facts

Picture about Indian Paranormal Investigator Gaurav Tiwari Ghostly Death
Indian Paranormal Investigator Gaurav Tiwari Ghostly Death


Freaky: Indian Ghost finder Gaurav Tiwari dies a ghostly death in his bathroom!

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Spooky: Paranormal investigator Gaurav Tiwari dies a mysterious death in his bathroom!


According to certain ‘freaky’ stories creating abuzz online, well known Indian Paranormal Investigator Gaurav Tiwari died a Ghostly death in his bathroom! So let us analyze in detail the whereabouts of the mysterious death of Gaurav Tiwari and get to know whether or not it was really related to any ghost activity.

Picture about Indian Paranormal Investigator Gaurav Tiwari Ghostly Death
Indian Paranormal Investigator Gaurav Tiwari Ghostly Death
Picture about Indian Paranormal Investigator Gaurav Tiwari Ghostly Death
Indian Paranormal Investigator Gaurav Tiwari Ghostly Death

About Gaurav Tiwari

Gaurav Tiwari is a well known Paranormal investigator in India and some outside countries as well. His tryst with the paranormal began in 2007 while he was studying in Florida, USA to become a commercial pilot. Gaurav Tiwari said he experienced phenomena like poltergeists and heard disembodied ‘whispers’ in the apartment he was sharing with four other people. One of his flat mates also supposedly saw an apparition of young girl. This got Tiwari to study the paranormal, and later he left his job and became a certified expert on paranormal activity from ParaNexus Association of Florida. He came back to India and set up Indian Paranormal Society. He appeared in some national and international Television and Radio Shows. Shown in the video is a compilation of some of his paranormal investigation clips.

The Death Mystery

The 32 years old paranormal investigator, Gaurav Tiwari was found dead under mysterious circumstances in the bathroom of his Dwarka, Delhi flat in the morning of 7 July 2016. Gaurav’s father Uday Tiwari said that he fell in his bathroom around 11am, and found him lying unconscious before being rushed to hospital where he did not survive. Gaurav was living with his parents and wife, and his family initially suspected he died from the trauma from falling on the bathroom floor. But primary police investigation found a ‘black line’ around the neck of Gaurav Tiwari and did not find any substantial clue for concluding the reasons behind his death. Primary autopsy report of the body of Gaurav Tiwari said the cause of death was Asphyxia.

Responding to Hindustan Times, Tiwari’s father Uday Tiwari, mentioned his son telling his wife that a ‘negative force’ was pulling him towards itself and he was trying to control it. He said that Gaurav was probing a case where a girl in west Delhi’s Janakpuri was apparently possessed, and met the girl the night before his death. Later, Tiwari’ friends said his career as a commercial pilot went on a downward spiral after he shifted into the aforementioned apartment that was deemed `haunted’. All this and the ‘black line’ found around the neck of Tiwari led to speculations that some paranormal ghost activity was involved in his ‘mysterious’ death.

Suicide or Not?

Initial police investigation suspected suicide as the death cause of Gaurav Tiwari, but they did not conclude it for lack of substantial reasons. He was internationally popular in his field, and was featured on July month’s cover of Youth Incorporated magazine. He seemed happy posting about it on his Facebook page a day before his death:

Further investigations, however, revealed that Tiwari had an argument with his father and wife over his habit of leaving home without informing anybody in the family and staying out till late in the night. A police officer said Tiwari hardly shared anything about his projects with the family, and that his paranormal investigative work was not financially productive. The responsibility of supporting the family fell on Tiwari’s father Uday, who is the director of a startup, added police sources.

Picture of Indian Paranormal Investigator Gaurav Tiwari
Indian Paranormal Investigator Gaurav Tiwari

Three days after his death, police confirmed that the Indian paranormal investigator Gaurav Tiwari committed “suicide” and there was no “foul play”. He hanged himself in the bathroom from an iron rod used for hanging clothes with a dupatta (a long piece of cloth), and fell on the floor as the rod might have broken. That was the reason behind the black line across his neck; not that any ghost or supernatural activity was involved in Gaurav Tiwari’s death. The preliminary autopsy report too confirmed that Gaurav committed suicide. So the freaky stories saying the Indian Ghost finder Gaurav Tiwari died a ghostly death in his bathroom are hoaxes.

Hoax or Fact:


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