Ireland School Captures Creepy Ghost Footage on Cam: Fact Check

Image about Ireland School Captures Creepy Ghost Footage on Cam
Ireland School Captures Creepy Ghost Footage on Cam


Ireland School Captures Creepy Ghost Footage on Security Camera

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1. Ireland School Haunted by a Ghost

2. School security camera captures creepy footage in Ireland

Fact Check:

A video in wide circulation online allegedly shows that a School Captures Creepy Ghost Footage in Ireland. Looks like the security camera in school captures a paranormal activity. It seems to show lockers shaking, doors slamming, papers flying and a plastic sign on floor flipping over suddenly without anyone in sight. So, let us examine if the video is real, and whether or not the school captures creepy Ghost footage.

Image about Ireland School Captures Creepy Ghost Footage on Cam

Origin of Video Showing School Captures Creepy Ghost Footage

On 2nd of October 2017, Deerpark CBS School in Cork, Ireland posted the creepy video to their YouTube channel. The incident allegedly happened in the early hours of 3am, raising question if it is a Ghost caught on camera. The video was a huge hit, covered by some media outlets, and some also wondered if it is the world’s most haunted school. Back then Deerpark Deputy Principal Aaron Wolfe told TODAY in an email that they couldn’t understand how the incident occurred. If it is a prank, it’s very well done, he added. He also mentioned staff telling about strange happenings in the past and that the school is built on a site known as Green Gallows, where criminals were hanged.

Flaws in the ‘Creepy’ Footage

Firstly, the school did not really have any kind of creepy backstory that could suggest paranormal activity. If any such strange incidents took place there earlier, it would have made into news. It’s strange that the plastic wet floor sign is in the middle of the school hall at 3 o’ clock in the morning. If you observe the footage closely while the locker rack shakes, you will notice pixel changes over top of the locker. It is as if someone (not visible) held the locker with hands and shook it.

Image of Locker before opening and Security cam mounted high on wall
Locker before opening and Security cam mounted high on wall

Also, the locker kind of disappears or becomes lighter the moment before it breaks open. More importantly, like some YouTube commenters pointed, the footage showing audio and video recording from eye level could not be from security camera mounted high on wall. And as a matter of fact, the ‘creepy’ footage appeared just few weeks before annual interactive Halloween experience event in the Deerpark school called “Fearpark”. Consequently, on 17th October 2017, the school shared a picture of the upcoming event on 29th, which also carried the image from alleged creepy footage.

All this is suggestive the paranormal incident shown in the video is cleverly staged using strings and Computer Effects (editing). The breaking open of one locker along with papers flying at once is indicative of possible usage of strings. Editing the video, for instance, Adobe After Effects can be used to change a video in many ways, including removing a person from it. As for the Deerpark school, on 1st Oct 2018, they shared the past video on their Facebook page along with the tremendous response to it. This year, the Fearpark event happens to be on 30th October 2018.

In Conclusion

To conclude, the claim that the video shows a School captures creepy Ghost footage in Ireland is a hoax. Most probably, it’s a staged prank possibility created to promote the Fearpark Halloween event in the Deerpark school.

Hoax or Fact:


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